The International Affairs Committee discusses, and reflects theologically on, significant international questions, with a particular focus on justice issues. As directed by the General Assembly, it communicates with the Canadian government on matters of international concern to The Presbyterian Church in Canada, helps Presbyterians across Canada to be informed and aware of important international matters for study, prayer and action. The committee also consults with other denominations on matters of international concern to Christians.

IAC Reports

IAC Reports

Religious Persecution
This report reviews several groups of peoples who experience religious persecution including Bhil Christians and the Ghar Wapsi movement (an extremist movement in India focusing on converting people to Hinduism) in India and the impact of conflict on Christians in Syria. The report suggests ways Presbyterians can learn about and respond to these situations.

Canadian International Aid (2014)
This report reviews Canadian overseas development assistance (ODA) and draws attention to some of the challenges addressing Canadian ODA.

Economic Advocacy in Israel and Palestine (2013)
These reports respond to an overture requesting information on how economic advocacy can be a tool for peacemaking in Israel and Palestine.
Economic Advocacy in Israel and Palestine (part 1)
Economic Advocacy in Israel and Palestine (part 2)

Global Migration
This report comments on global migration trends and draws attention to the vulnerability of migrants and their families.

Land and Vulnerable People in India, Guatemala and Malawi
This report reviews the challenges and tensions linked to access to land (for living, for livelihood for sustenance) in India, Guatemala and Malawi.

Climate Change
This report comments on climate change and the global efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses, and deal with the impacts of climate change. The report includes information about how Canadian Presbyterians can respond.

Letters of encouragement and advocacy

The International Affairs Committee makes recommendations about what the church might say in response to global issues. In accordance with recommendations approved by General Assembly, Moderators have written letters to governments (foreign and domestic) regarding climate change, peace building, trade agreements, global migration, and overseas development assistance. When appropriate, letters are also written to church partners who are working for justice and peace. These letters engage the church in the public life and express concern and hope for partners overseas.

Committee Members

General Assembly Appointees: Boghos Barbouri (convener), Wayne Barchard, Erin Chong Sun Ko, Mary Kyei, Jacob Lee, Amy Zavitz
Life & Mission Appointees: Jacques Dalton, Dorcas Gordon, Dianne Ollerenshaw, Gordon Timbers, Ron Wallace
Atlantic Mission Society appointee: Penny Gillies
Women’s Missionary Society appointee: Janet Brewer