By giving a Gift of Change, you are making a difference in the lives of people in Canada and around the world. No matter what you choose to support, you can be sure your funds will be used effectively and efficiently to carry out life-changing programs.

Please note:

    • Your gift will help our partners carry out the overall goals of each program
    • Actual costs may vary depending on current and local market conditions
    • In the event that gifts received exceed project requirements, or if programs or circumstances change, donations will be directed to programs with a similar intent or location

Gift Cards

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Image of arrow pointing downGifts of Change 2022–2023 Catalogue
Gifts of Change Catalogue

Canadian Ministries

Canadian Ministries equips and supports congregations and ministries in Canada

Transform Lives (CM45)
Grow Children’s Ministries (CM42)
Ministry with Indigenous People (CM24)
Help a Child Discover Camp (CM46)

International Ministries

International Ministries sends mission personnel and supports leadership development, evangelism and innovative programs of church partners around the world.

Bring Hope to Prisoners in Malawi (IMMA07)
Care for Children in Romania (IMHU04)
Empower Mayan Women – Guatemala (IMGU04)
Equip Christian Leaders in the Middle East (IMME01)
Provide Hope for a New Life in Nepal (IMNE03)
Plant an Olive Tree in Palestine (IMME02)
Raise a Roof – Malawi (IMMA04)
Train Christian Leaders in Malawi (IMMA09)
Train Nurse Midwives – India (IMIN03)
Translate the Bible in Taiwan – (IMTA01)

Presbyterian World Service & Development

PWS&D’s sustainable development and emergency relief programs help communities around the world overcome poverty and recover from disasters

A Classroom for Every Child (PWEDU01)
Empowered to Prosper (PWHR01)
From Sickness to Strength (PWHEA01)
Respond to Emergencies (PWEMRG01)
Sowing the Seeds of Food Security (PWAGR01)
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (PWH20)

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