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The faithful members of the early Church, “…devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.

Canadian Ministries works with congregations and presbyteries to support and equip congregations for faithful and vibrant ministry in the world to which Christ came for which he died.


Find resources to help plan Sunday services and more.

Christian Education

Christian Education programs and training.

Christian Education Resources

Bible Studies, Sunday School and youth programs, and more

Cyclical PCC

Cyclical PCC is a church-planting support initiative within The Presbyterian Church in Canada, in partnership with Cyclical Inc. It is designed to encourage presbyteries and leaders within our denomination take first steps towards beginning new worshipping communities.

Reading Lists

Find books to help you in your ministries in leadership and organizational change, worship, and youth ministry.

Congregational Life & Development

Congregations in Transition, Natural Church Development, stewardship, ecumenical resources and financial services.

Evangelism and Mission

Find a variety of resources for evangelism and mission.


Through gifts to Presbyterians Sharing, the church partners with presbyteries and local ministries to support initiatives across the country.

Supporting Ministry Grants

The Presbyterian Church in Canada, through gifts to Presbyterians Sharing, partner with presbyteries and local ministries to support initiatives across the country. To apply for a new grant, email Canadian Ministries.

Ministries with Indigenous People

Learn about ministries with Indigenous People in The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Policies and Reports

Read current policies and reports from Canadian Ministries.

For more information, email Canadian Ministries or call 1-800-619-7301 ext. 290.