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Ministry and Church Vocations (MCV) helps the church discern, prepare, and support leaders serving in ministry. This work is done in collaboration with sessions, presbyteries and synods in covenant relationships with their leaders and the theological colleges. Below are resources that support the church’s work.








Supporting Ministry

Continuing Education Fund

Why pursue continuing learning? To seek spiritual renewal and growth, reflect on my calling, develop fresh ideas for worship and new leadership skills, assist my congregation through a period of transition.

The purpose of the Continuing Education Fund is to provide financial assistance for continuing education to help professional church workers of The Presbyterian Church in Canada to increase their effectiveness in ministerial service.

  • This fund makes financial assistance available to church workers for their professional development.
  • The program—workshop, course, conference—must have a minimum number of contact hours and be offered by a recognized organization.
  • Applicants must be approved by their presbytery or a church board or agency.
  • This fund supplements the allowance provided by the congregation or employer.
  • It is expected that the individual applying and their congregation or employer will contribute to the costs of the program
  • The maximum that an individual may receive in any five-year period is $1,500.

The new online application form helps makes this process easier. Use the Continuing Education Grant Application  or, for further information, please email Liz Brewer. You can also read the Continuing Education Regulations

Amount of Annual Study Leave Allowance

The 2023 General Assembly approved a recommendation that “That the minimum continuing education allowance be increased to $1,000, effective January 1, 2024, and that it increases $100 per year for the following five years” (2023 A&P, p. 179, 25).

The minimum study leave allowance for 2024 (effective January 1, 2024) is $1,000.
The minimum study leave allowance for 2025 (effective January 1, 2025) will be $1,100.

Image of arrow pointing downContinuing Education Regulations

Colleague Covenant Group Grants

Funds are available to provide incentive grants to help ministers, diaconal ministers or lay ministers employed in The Presbyterian Church in Canada to begin new colleague covenant groups. These funds are accessible by PCC ministers and professional church workers wishing to form new groups.

Learn more about Colleague Covenant Group Grants and complete the online application.

Pulpit Vacancies & Interim Moderators

Downloadable documents for interim moderators (e.g., congregational profile, template call documents, template stated supply and interim ministry agreements)

Finding a Minister


Online Training in the Policy for Dealing with Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment (SASH) of the Presbyterian Church In Canada

This online training module offers a basic introduction to the SASH policy is intended for:

  • Members of Sessions, congregations and anyone in the church at large;
  • Ministers and candidates for ministry who may need a “refresher” in the policy;
  • Applicants to the Committee on Education and Reception (E&R) who have been declared eligible for reception as ministers or as candidates certified for ordination in the PCC.

The module consists of three parts to be completed in sequence:

  1. A 30-minute online video, Sexual Misconduct: Learn to Spot It, Learn to Stop It, produced by the Anglican Church of Canada, and which can be viewed here:
  2. A 30-minute narrated PowerPoint presentation which can be viewed here:
  3. A 10-question quiz to test your knowledge:

Personal Profile Form for Ministers

  • Please note that the Profile for Ministers is only available directly from the Ministry and Church Vocations (MCV) office, not as a downloadable file. Please contact Marjorie Copeland at 1-800-619-7301 ext. 263.


For more information, contact Tim Purvis at 1-800-619-7301 ext. 264.