The Assembly Council is responsible for ensuring that the work of the church is carried out efficiently, effectively and within the policies established by the General Assembly. It meets twice annually and is both a coordinating and prophetic body.

The Council coordinates the work of the national agencies of the church, recommends policy, and prepares national budgets all the while seeking a vision for mission and what the church might be in the future. The membership on Assembly Council is drawn from across the country so that it can benefit from the broadest possible viewpoint on proposed changes in policy direction.

Strategic Planning

The 2016 General Assembly approved the strategic plan for the church which focuses on encouraging, supporting and strengthening congregatons. The Assembly Council is responsible for monitoring and encouraging the implementation of the plan. Currently congregations, agencies and presbyteries are invited to share how they are using the plan in their context.

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Assembly Council Documents

Assembly Council Minutes

Previous minutes can be obtained by contacting the General Assembly Office .

Executive of Assembly Council

The Executive of the Assembly Council guides the work of the council and deals with emergent issues referred to it by council during the year. For the time being, it will assume the responsbilities of the Personnel Policy Committee.

Archives and Records Management Committee

The Archives and Records Management Committee oversees the work of The Presbyterian Church in Canada Archives. The Archives appraises, acquires, preserves, catalogues and makes available for research, the church’s most historically significant records.

Audit Committee

With the approval of the General Assembly, the Audit Committee obtains the services of auditors to review the financial statements of The Presbyterian Church in Canada and oversees the audit process on behalf of the Assembly Council.

Benevolence Committee

The Benevolence Committee supervises the administration of the benevolent funds and bursary funds that have been entrusted to the Assembly Council, including the Cameron Doctoral Bursary Fund and the Fund for Ministerial Assistance.

Commission on Assets of Dissolved and Amalgamated Congregations

The Commission on Assets of Dissolved and Amalgamated Congregations acts on behalf of the Assembly Council and the Trustee Board in dealing with matters of property in which the national church has an interest.

Commission on Proxies

The Commission on Proxies represents the Assembly Council at stockholder meetings, whenever necessary, to voice opinions or vote on matters affecting investments held by The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Church Architecture Committee

Congregations that are considering building a church or education building, or are planning a major renovation or extension of an existing structure, are to submit the architect’s proposals to the Church Architecture Committee for approval.

Ewart Endowment for Theological Education Committee

Annually, grants are offered to various groups within the denominations that relate to the three foci of diaconal ministries. The Ewart Endowment for Theological Education Committee is responsible to receive applications for this fund, make recommendations to the Assembly Council regarding the grants and to review evaluations relating to the approved grant proposals.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides financial oversight and produces statements representing the operations of The Presbyterian Church in Canada for approval by the Assembly Council and for the information of the General Assembly.

Management Team

The Management Team is made up of the three general secretaries (Principal Clerk, General Secretary of Life and Mission Agency and Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer). They are charged with managing and co-ordinating the work of the national office.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of members for Assembly Council committees and recommends the names to Assembly Council for approval.

Human Resources Policy Committee

The Human Resources Policy Committee reviews and makes recommendations regarding personnel policies affecting the staff of the national office of The Presbyterian Church in Canada and any other related matters referred to it by the General Assembly. These responsibilities currently rest with the Executive Committee.

The Assembly Council also appoints ad hoc committees and working groups, as necessary.

Funds and Other Groups

Fund for Ministerial Assistance

The purpose of the Fund for Ministerial Assistance (FMA) is to provide financial support for ministers and diaconal workers of the Presbyterian Church in Canada who are at or near minimum stipend as set by the General Assembly.