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International Ministries is the department of the Life and Mission Agency responsible for the relationships between The Presbyterian Church in Canada and overseas partner churches and agencies. The most visible way in which we relate to our partners is the appointment of Canadian Presbyterians to a variety of short or longer term assignments. The recruitment, preparation and support of these mission personnel is our responsibility. Two other ways in which we accompany our partner churches is through leadership development programs, as well as funding programs and special projects.

The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s strategic plan upholds relational connections that incarnate Christ’s mission at the local, national and international level. International Ministries is in the privileged position of being the point of connection with people and church partners around the globe whose vision and Christian faith inspire and give cause for celebration. Watching world news can make one fearful and full of despair. Being in relationship with people who live on the front lines of fear and tragedy, and still proclaim their faith in word and deed is a gift of the Creator. May we celebrate and take heart in our shared humanity, shared trials and common hope in Jesus Christ.

We send our people everywhere—follow them on their blogs, download their profiles and see photos of their work.

Opportunities for Mission

Feel called to go on a trip of your own or see the work of the mission staff with your own eyes? Join us on a trip, either as an individual or group.

Find a Mission Speaker

Find someone to speak to your group or congregation about their mission experience.

Mission Staff

Learn more about international mission staff around the world.

Mission Blogs

Read the mission blogs from our staff

The Cutting Edge of Mission—E. H. Johnson Award

Every year at General Assembly, the Dr. E. H. Johnson Memorial Fund Committee makes an award recognizing a person or group for their work on the cutting edge of mission. The award recognizes outstanding leadership in the global Christian community.

Presbyterian World Service & Development

PWS&D and International Ministries work closely together. PWS&D is the international development and emergency relief agency of the PCC.


For more information, email International Ministries or call 416-441-1111 or 1-800-619-7301 ext. 254.

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