Together we make mission and ministry happen

Presbyterians Sharing is the national church fund that supports mission and ministry in Canada and around the world.

Presbyterians share in a wide range of ministries. Together, we build strong congregations, serve vulnerable people, walk with Indigenous people, seek justice and share God’s love around the world.

When we put our gifts in God’s hands, God does remarkable things!

Questions about Presbyterians Sharing? Contact us today by email or call 1-800-619-7301 ext. 267.

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Image of arrow pointing down2021 Presbyterians Sharing Brochure
Image of arrow pointing downPresbyterians Sharing Poster
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Annual Report Cover 2020 – Low resolution
Annual Report Cover 2020 – High resolution for print
Annual Report Cover 2020 – Fillable, low resolution
Annual Report Cover 2020 – Fillable, high resolution for print

2020 Presbyterians Sharing Poster, Korean
One Mission, Two Funds pamphlet (English)
One Mission, Two Funds pamphlet (Korean)
2020 Presbyterians Sharing Sunday Resource – Text Only
2020 Presbyterians Sharing Sunday Resource – PDF
2020 Presbyterians Sharing powerpoint

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Presbyterians Sharing Logo

Have you been wondering about the meaning behind the Presbyterians Sharing logo?

The fish was chosen because of the early church’s use of the fish as a symbol of Christ and the Christian faith and church. It also recalls both the miracle of sharing (loaves and fishes) and the commission to be “fishers of people.” There are eight fish, which represent the eight synods in the PCC. Theologically, the number 8 refers to the 8th day (day of resurrection), which invokes the “new creation”—the reconciliation and renewal of all things.
The circle represents gathering, inclusion, unity, wholeness and the perfect everlasting nature of God. The fish are gathered together to signify our working together in collaboration.

The colour purple invokes the colour of majesty and reminds us both of Christ’s rule but also the kingdom we are to build on earth. The design includes two variations of the cross—the Greek cross (+) and the St. Andrew’s cross (x).