The Apostle Paul understood that all Christians are to be continually educated and further equipped to fulfill their calling to be full and effective members of the body of Christ. The Equipping for… publications provide resources and ideas to support congregations in accomplishing God’s purpose in the areas of congregational life & leadership, faith formation, evangelism & mission, and worship.

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Fostering Engagement and Connection in Online Church Gatherings

A resource about digital engagement in the context of Christian ministry to help congregations not only meet online but also to connect, build relationships, grow as disciples, discern together and creatively engage with the many different aspects of faith.

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Best Practices for Online Worship

Worship is central to who we are as congregations and a denomination, whether it is done in person or online. Many congregations are new to online worship, while others have been conducting worship online for years. Online worship is an opportunity to get people who might not regularly participate in in-person worship involved. This resource contains best practices for congregations experienced with worshipping virtually as well as those just getting started.

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Ways Churches Can Offer Connection and Care During Social Distancing

As we learn to live differently in this time of social distancing, churches have a unique opportunity to help people remain connected and supported. At this time, we are called to be attentive to the needs around us, invite God to show us how we can serve and respond with creativity and adaptability. How churches respond will be varied because each of our communities is different. You are encouraged to discern what is best for the particular situation you find yourselves in. In this article, you will find a list of suggestions for offering connection and support during this time of social distancing.

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Introduction to Live Streaming for Churches

Live streaming church services is now easier and more affordable than ever before. And there are two good reasons to consider live streaming in your church services. The first is to accommodate congregants who are unable to attend worship. The second reason is to reach new worshippers. Those who join you virtually are just as much part of your service as those who are in the building. As you lead worship, keep them in mind and let God’s kingdom extend out beyond your walls and into the homes of everyone who tunes into your broadcast!

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How to Engage Active Kids in Sunday School

How can we engage active kids in learning during Sunday School? While our temptation might be to label a child’s inability to engage in a lesson as a behavioural issue, we must also consider that the lesson likely wasn’t created with active, hands-on learners in mind. Our goal as Christian Educators is to help children encounter Jesus, learn about the life of faith and grow as young disciples. There are fun and interactive ways to do this that will capture the attention and imagination of active children.

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Ways to Incorporate the Artistic Gifts of the Congregation into Worship

Music is a common art form used in worship, but what about other forms of art? Chances are there are many artistic talents in your congregation that could be used to glorify God and beautify your church’s sanctuary. There are many easy ways to facilitate participation from congregation members of all ages in sharing their gifts through creative expression.

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Ways to Create Vibrant Worship for All Ages

As part of her studies at Virginia Theological Seminary, Sarah Bentley Allred—editor at the faith formation website, Building Faith —had the opportunity to visit congregations practicing intergenerational worship. While most church services are multigenerational (i.e., many generations are present in worship together), intergenerational worship is intentionally designed with the needs of people of diverse ages in mind. Bentley Allred’s visits led her to identify five key traits present in churches that seek to equally value people of all ages in worship.

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Ways to Be a Church that Visitors Will Want to Call Home

Ty Ragan and his family searched for a church home for a long time before they decided to stay at Centennial Presbyterian Church in Calgary. It was not the big things that inspired them to stay at Centennial, but the small things. Being a church that visitors will want to return to is about being like Jesus. The tips in this resource, modelled on Jesus’ way of welcoming others, will help your church be the kind of place that people will want to call home.

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Ways for Churches to Create Partnerships in Their Local Communities

God is already powerfully at work in the community, and your church was put there for a reason. This resource contains tips for how your church can build relationships and create partnerships with other organizations and people doing God’s work in your community.

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Recommended by Presbyterian Leaders in Canada: 12 Must-Read Books

Presbyterians love to read! We get asked for book recommendations on all different topics related to ministry on a regular basis. This time, we decided to ask you—leaders in Presbyterian ministries in Canada—what books you’d recommend for other leaders. Responding to the question, “What book has most influenced your ministry in the last year,” your colleagues and peers provided the 12 must-read recommendations.

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Ways to Be a Great Church Greeter

Greeters are a vital part of a church’s ministry by ensuring that all who enter receive a warm greeting, the information they need to feel comfortable, and a friendly connection they can rely on before and after the service. As you strive to be the greeter that others remember as having warmly welcomed them into the church, this resource contains some important things to keep in mind.

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How to Support Young Adult Leadership

In May 2018, fourteen young adults, aged 18–28, participated in a consultation to discuss mission and ministry. Although the participants had differing perspectives on many issues, they had one important thing in common: they cared about the PCC and they want to be a part of it. This resource shares their suggestions on how congregations can support young adults to fully participate in the life of church.

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