Welcome to the Social Action Hub. The Hub contains information, liturgical resources, study guides and advocacy tools to help individuals and congregations discern and live out the biblical call to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8).

Living Faith, a Presbyterian statement of belief and subordinate standard, tells us that God is always calling the church to seek justice. It goes on to describe justice as being concerned with protecting the rights of others, with issues such as poverty, employment, education, health and corrections systems, and with demanding the exercise of power for the common good.

The Social Action Hub is intended as a place where information and resources from the Presbyterian Church in Canada that aid pursuing justice in the ways described in Living Faith is gathered for ease of use. Here you will find, organized thematically, positions and actions the church has taken as well as links to letters, reports and resources it has produced. The Hub is an ongoing project that is continually being updated and expanded as new resources or information become available, so we encourage you to check back often, and take time to explore all the many ways Christians can seek justice through social action.

Social Action Hub

The Church and Social Action

Each justice theme listed below will connect you with a summary of church positions, statements, and related resources.

Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Ecological Justice

Indigenous Justice

Social and Economic Issues

Immigration and Xenophobia

Gender, Sexuality & Inclusion

Anti Racism


Health and Well Being

Crime and Restorative Justice

Human Rights
Among Nations and Peoples

Advocate for global vaccine equity
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Support climate justice
Justice Ministries
Social Action Handbook – archived
Letters to Government

Recent News

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