Welcome to The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s Social Action Hub, where information and resources on living out God’s call to justice are gathered! Organized by theme, the Hub is part history of the PCC’s action on social issues—chronicled through principles the General Assembly has endorsed or actions it has taken—and part online library for justice-related educational, liturgical and advocacy resources.

Rooted in the biblical call to seek God’s justice, Living Faith , one of the church’s subordinate standards, offers these helpful insights: justice demands the exercise of power for the common good and describes justice through words like changing customs that oppress, protecting the rights of others and creating well-being in every society through concern about issues like employment, education and health (Living Faith 8.4). Click on topics below to see ways in which the PCC responds to these and other issues. The Hub is updated regularly, so check back often!

Social Action Hub

Ecological Justice

Indigenous Justice

Social and Economic Issues

Immigration and Xenophobia

Gender, Sexuality & Inclusion

Anti Racism


Health and Well Being

Crime and Restorative Justice

Human Rights
Among Nations and Peoples

and Exploitation

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