The Pension and Benefits Board is made up of Presbyterians with professional experience and expertise in disciplines relevant to the field of pension and benefits. For example, the board requires financial advisers and accountants, actuaries, human resource professionals and group benefits and insurance consultants. Just as vital to the membership of the board are the active and retired members of the pension plan and benefits plans, representative of the clergy, congregations, and staff employees.

The Pension and Benefits Board meets biannually each March and October. The board is scheduled to meet October 8, 2024, at 50 Wynford Drive. At each meeting the board receives reports from its various committees.

  • The Technical Committee reviews issues specific to the pension plan, its regulatory requirements and member queries
  • The Group Benefits Committee reviews coverage under the group benefits plan and its related church policies
  • The Communications Committee confirms how plan members, beneficiaries, and congregations receive appropriate and timely information about the pension and benefit plans.

The board also receives detailed financial, investment, and actuarial reports at each meeting.

Meet the Team!

Nicole Jeffery
Director, Pension and Benefits
(njeffrey [at] presbyterian [dot] ca)

Nicole oversees the administration of our pension and benefits plans, reviews and prepares policy updates, prepares regulatory filings, ensures the plans are current with legislative updates and works closely with the Pension and Benefits Board to maintain good plan governance.

Liane Maki
Pension and Benefits Clerk
(lmaki [at] presbyterian [dot] ca)

Liane can answer questions about pension and group insurance calculations/deductions, our group benefits plan, congregational assessments/employer share payments, maternity/parental leave calculations, reimbursement and pulpit supply and processes new enrolments for members joining the pension and benefits plans.

Patty Panagiotopoulos
(ppanagiotopoulos [at] presbyterian [dot] ca)

Patty can answer your questions related to retirements, terminations, long-term disability, deaths, survivor benefits and marital status changes. Patty works closely with plan members considering retirement and can answer any questions related to plan member benefits.

Perri Jeffery
Communications Coordinator
(pjeffery [at] presbyterian [dot] ca)

Perri handles all major communications coming from the Pension and Benefits office, including emails, newsletters, and website updates. She also assists with routine pension and benefits questions and helps point you in the right direction to find additional resources.