The Presbyterian Connection newspaper is a Christian newspaper that strives to unite Presbyterians from across the country through stories, reflections, interviews and articles, allowing us to share and develop our faith. It is distributed four times per year, free of charge. The Presbyterian Connection is produced by the Life and Mission Agency and was first launched in March 2017, following the closure of the Presbyterian Record magazine.

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Issue 22, Summer 2022

The latest issue of the Presbyterian Connection was sent out to all congregations and subscribers in late June. As always, this issue is filled with amazing articles and photos from Presbyterian congregations and groups across the country.

In this issue you’ll find articles on:

  • A feature story on supporting Ukraine
  • Details on the 2022 General Assembly
  • Information on Trustees and Trust Deeds
  • Part two of a feature on important points to consider if you’re live streaming your worship service
  • An article on the service of apology to Darryl Macdonald and the former congregation of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Lachine, Que.
  • Photos of the 2022 graduates of the theological colleges
  • An article discussing systemic racism
  • Photos from congregations, book reviews, reflections, and so much more!

Copies of the new Prayer Partnership were also sent out with the Summer 2022 issue. This all-in-one resource contains daily prayers, Sunday Mission Moments and monthly Social Action Spotlights for July to September 2022.

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Submission deadline: Jan. 20
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