Meet the team

The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s national office is located in Toronto, Ontario. Each member of the denominational staff brings gifts and skills to support ministries and congregations across Canada and around the world as the church seeks to carry out God’s mission.

Please note:

Who should I speak to about…

  • Archives? Kim Arnold, Presbyterian Archives, ext. 310

  • Building Expansion & Renovations? Betty Kupeian, Presbyterian Church Building Corporation, ext. 337

  • Financial services? Geeta Persaud-Mohammad, Financial Services, ext. 318
  • General Assembly? Kathryn Muir, General Assembly Office, ext. 226
  • Grants? Jen De Combe, Canadian Ministries, ext. 290

  • Ordering resources? Email, 1-800-619-7301 ext. 331
  • Pension and Benefits? Perri Jeffery, Pension and Benefits, ext. 230
  • Pulpit Vacancies? Marjorie Copeland, Ministry and Church Vocations, ext. 263