Here you will find links to many of the tools you need to make communications at your congregation simpler. You will find consent forms and the popular Style Guide, as well as the PCC logos and links to free and paid online tools.

Individual Photo Consent Form

Get legal consent from individuals to use their photos.

Individual Photo Consent & Release Form

A form to get individual legal consent to use photos in all of your publications.

Download form

Photographer Photo Consent

Get legal rights from photographers to photos taken at your church.

Photographer Photo Consent & Release Form

Get legal rights from photographers for photos taken in your cong.

Download form

Video Consent and Release Form

Get legal rights to use video testimonials in your congregation.

Video Consent & Release Form

Get legal rights to use video testimonials in your cong.

Download form

Tools for Congregations

The following are links to external sites that may be useful to congregations. If you are looking for something specific or want to add to this list, please send us an email.

How to choose effective typography

Design presentations, social media graphics, and more with thousands of layout options

Color Combos
Test and develop colour combinations
Powerful online tool for drastically reducing the size of your images and photos whilst maintaining a high quality with almost no difference before and after compression. (file formats supported: JPEG – PNG – GIF – SVG)

Infographic development tool

Photo editor and design maker

Create and publish beautiful visualizations (charts & infographics) of your data
Free Online Image Optimizer (1MB initial file size limit)

Online photo editing tool (7-day free trial, $72 USD annually)

Online photo editing tool

Drag and drop an image to ‘Squoosh’ it down to a smaller file size.

Stock Images, graphics and videos [FREE]
Pixabay | Stockio | Everypixel (Stock Image Search Engine)

Creative Commons
Search for free images that are available to use and share with a Creative Commons copyright licence.
Creative Commons

Reduces the file size of your JPG or PNG files (5MB initial file size limit)

Video Editor by Aiseesoft (basic)
Free video editing software to rotate, clip, crop, watermark and convert video and audio files

Online form builder with thousands of templates and themes to help you

Create quick and easy online signup forms for volunteers

Send marketing emails, automated messages and targeted campaigns

Send messages and share files directly to another person or to a small group of people for more focused conversations

Online scheduling tool to organize meetings and activities with others

Remember everything: capture, nurture, and share your ideas across any device

Cloud Convert
Securely convert anything to anything

Drop Box
File sharing and storage solution with MS Office 365 integration

Small PDF
Reduce PDF files for the web and/or covert to or from PDF to other file types

Shorten long web addresses

We Transfer
Easily transfer large files for free up to 2GB

Accessibility Info-posters
(Original source for the posters) These posters are to assist with accessibility design.

Autistic Spectrum
View | Download

Deaf or hard of hearing
View | Download

View | Download

Low Vision
View | Download

Physical or Motor Disabilities
View | Download

Screen Readers
View | Download