Image of arrow pointing downBlank Record of Employment

Treasurers can download this blank copy of a Record of Employment and fill it in manually.

Image of arrow pointing downRemittances – How to Send to National Office

Instructions for how to send in gifts for Mission (Presbyterians Sharing, PWS&D and other), Lending Fund repayments, payments for Health & Dental Benefits and Pension contributions (Member Pension Contributions, Basic Group Insurance, Optional Insurance, Congregational Assessment & Employee Share). Includes details on how to send remittances electronically or by mail.

Image of arrow pointing downRemittances by Interac e-Transfer

Congregations and individuals can pay invoices, remit pension and benefit payments and donate to mission and ministry at the Presbyterian Church in Canada with Interac e-Transfers (email transfers).

Image of arrow pointing downRemittance Form – Automatic Withdrawals

Use this form to approve automatic withdrawals from your bank account by The Presbyterian Church in Canada.  This form can be used for contributions to one or more of Health & Dental, Pension, Presbyterians Sharing, PWS&D, and/or the Lending Fund. Withdrawals are done on the 15th of each month. If there is a change to the amounts, or you would like to cease automatic payments, notify us before the 10th of the month. While there are  separate bank accounts for pension and the PCC and these amounts will be withdrawn separately, you may use one form to set up all withdrawals.

Image of arrow pointing downRemittance Form – Online Form to report Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) or Online Bank Payments

Once you have sent the EFT or paid the remittance as a bill payment (only at Scotiabank and RBC), use this online form to submit payment details. This lets us know who the funds came from and where they are supposed to go. This may be used for all remittances, including Presbyterians Sharing, PWS&D, Pension, Health and Dental Benefits and Lending Fund.

Image of arrow pointing downRemittance Form to Send Cheques - Presbyterians Sharing, PWS&D, Other Mission, Lending Fund

A fillable form to print off and submit for payments to Presbyterians Sharing, PWS&D and other designations.

Image of arrow pointing downRemittance Form to Send Cheques – Pension & Benefits

Please download, complete and print your remittance form to send with your cheque in the mail. If you have a member, the Member ID must be included. If there is no member at your congregation, just leave this section blank. Remittances are required each month. We are happy to accept post-dated cheques. Please remember that cheques cannot include funds meant for Presbyterians Sharing or Health & Dental payments. They require separate cheques and remittance forms/invoices. If you would like to save on postage costs, all the cheques and forms can be mailed in the same envelope.

Image of arrow pointing downReport Your Accepted Presbyterians Sharing Allocation

A fillable form to submit your congregation’s accepted allocation for Presbyterians Sharing.

Congregational Statistical Report
The statistical information is reported in the Acts & Proceedings, becoming an official record about your congregation and telling the story of our denomination. It is also used to establish the dollar base on which the Pension Assessment and Presbyterians Sharing Allocation are calculated.

Submission deadline: May 15, 2024

Image of arrow pointing downStatistical Report Guide 2023

This Guide includes the instructions and a worksheet to help you fill out the PCC’s Statistical Report using the online form below.

Image of arrow pointing downStatistical Report Online Form 2023

Input the information gathered using the guide above to submit the statistical report for your congregation to the national office. Once submitted you will receive a summary email you can forward to your Presbytery.
Complete online form

Image of arrow pointing downSalary Calculations & Deductions 2024 (formerly X and Y form)

A template to assist in salary calculations and deductions.

Image of arrow pointing downSalary Calculations & Deductions 2023 (formerly X and Y form)

A template to assist in salary calculations and deductions.

Image of arrow pointing downGiving Tree Tally and Remittance Forms for Treasurers

This remittance form has been adapted to help treasurers submit Giving Tree gifts. Use this excel sheet to tally Giving Tree donations and remit your Giving Tree totals with your regular PCC remittances.

Image of arrow pointing downHandbook for Congregational Treasurers

A comprehensive reference source for all treasurers, especially helpful for those who are new.

This series of five webinars on the ministry of managing money was designed for treasurers and anyone interested in the congregation’s management of money. It covers:
1) Finance Roles & Budgets in Congregations
2) Receiving & Receipting God’s Gifts
3) Sharing God’s Gifts through Congregational Expenditures
4) Reporting Finances (to the Session and to the CRA [the T3010])
5) The PCC’s Statistical Report for Clerks and Treasurers

This webinar focuses on completing the statistical and financial sections of the PCC’s Statistical Report. It covers when best to use the PDF form and the ins and outs of completing the online form, including how multiple people can work on the online form. It is divided into the demographic and financial sections.

Image of arrow pointing downInsurance Program for Congregations

The Marsh Insurance Program offers comprehensive and competitive coverage for all PCC  congregations.

Image of arrow pointing downPre-Authorized Remittance Form

Pre-authorized remittance (PAR) is a program for congregations that allows individuals to make monthly donations to the congregation directly from their bank account. Individuals may also make a PAR remittance directly to various areas of the national church, such as Presbyterians Sharing or Presbyterian World Service & Development.

Image of arrow pointing downPre-Authorized Remittance Guide

A guide to pre-authorized monthly contributions.

Image of arrow pointing downPre-Authorized Remittance Offering Cards

This card is a symbol of the gift made by Pre-Authorized Remittance.

Image of arrow pointing downRecord of Employment Resource

Guidelines for creating a Record of Employment.

Image of arrow pointing downSteps to Take to Reduce Tax Deductions at Source

A guide for clergy on how to reduce tax deductions at source.

Image of arrow pointing downThe PCC Board of Managers Handbook

Provides valuable information on the duties and responsibilities of a board of managers to help them understand their work in the church

Image of arrow pointing downT3010-1 Registered Charity Information Return

Annual Charity Return to file with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Image of arrow pointing downT3010 Registered Charity Information Return (T3010)

Use this online fillable form from the Government of Canada to submit a charity’s information return.