Presbyterian Church in Canada National Office

Accessibility Standards for Ontario

The Presbyterian Church in Canada national office welcomes your feedback on any and all issues involving our customer service for those people with disabilities.

Read the PCC Accessibility policy

This policy is intended for the national office in meeting accessibility standards in Ontario. For all individual congregations across Canada, we recommend to use the national office policy as a guideline and refer to your local and provincial laws and accessibility standards. 

We strive to do the utmost for everyone and ensure you that we will keep high standards for customer service.

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All feedback will be handled in strictest confidence and will be under the jurisdiction of the management team.

You have four options to provide us with feedback:

  • Use the online form below
  • In person at 50 Wynford Drive, Toronto, ON
  • By telephone at 1-800-619-7301
  • In writing by mailing to 50 Wynford Drive, Toronto, ON, M3C 1J7
  • Or by email

When the request, inquiry or complaint is received it will go to the staff member responsible and you will receive a reply within two (2) business days.

In the case of a complaint, a thorough investigation will take place that will look at the facility, the person responsible and the situation that caused the complaint. With the completion of the investigation, a report will be made and, where necessary, will make recommendations so that this type of incident will not occur again. We will report back to the complainant the pertinent details.

Image of arrow pointing downAccessibility for Ontarian's with Disabilities Act
Image of arrow pointing downPCC AODA – template

Tip Sheets for Assisting with Accessibility Design

Autistic Spectrum
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Deaf or hard of hearing
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Low Vision
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Physical or Motor Disabilities
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Screen Readers
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(Original source for the posters) These posters are to assist with accessibility design.