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St. Andrew’s Hall 2022 Lenten Devotion Guide
A Lenten Devotional Guide prepared by St. Andrew’s Hall to lead people through the forty days of Lent.

Lent Liturgies (PWS&D)
Lent liturgies produced by Presbyterian World Service & Development; available to download in full colour (PDF), black & white (text-only), and as PowerPoint slides.

Shrove Tuesday Celebration
Shrove Tuesday is a day to have fun, play and dance before beginning the Lenten season. This resource provides ideas for fun activities for a Shrove Tuesday party.

Preaching and Teaching Lent
In this article, the Rev. Dr. Stephen Farris considers the observance of Lent throughout the history of Christianity and the church.

Living the Story Through Lent
This resource provides ideas for creative liturgy that can be an excellent vehicle for educating worshippers about the power and purpose of Lent and Easter.

Joining the Dance: Lenten Reflections about Sabbath and the Stewardship of Creation

Walk this Way: Lenten Resource for Families
With recommended picture books, accompanied by brief reflections and questions for each week of Lent, adults can use this insightful and creative reading guide to help guide children through the season of Lent.

Maundy Thursday
Worship Planner.

Good Friday
Worship Planner.

Holy Week Practices for Families
Simple daily practices that families can do to journey through Holy Week together.

Renewing Liturgy of Holy Week
Worship service resources to help equip congregations to experience, as fully as possible, the highly condensed events of Holy Week in creative and faithful ways.

Messy Maundy Thursday
Messy Church activities based on Jesus washing the feet of his disciples during the Last Supper (John 13:1–17).

At the Table of Our Lord: A Community Meal for Holy Week
An instructional resource to help congregations plan a community meal—either a ceremonial/symbolic meal or a true festive feast—based on Passover.

Interactive Stations of the Cross
This resource provides ideas to help congregations plan and produce an immersive and interactive Stations of the Cross experience that works for their specific context.

Easter Sunday
Worship Planner.

Easter Sunday Dramatic Reading
Easter Sunday Service with a dramatic monologue based on the Easter Story as told in Luke’s Gospel and a full seasonal Communion.

Easter Sunday Holy Communion
This planner includes both suitable Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession and a seasonal Great Prayer of Thanksgiving, if Communion is celebrated on Easter Sunday.

Edging into Easter Worship Service
Prepared by the Rev. Dr. Nancy Cocks of Medicine Hat, Alta., this service includes reflections based on John 20:1–16, 18a, and an Order for Easter Communion.

Neighbourhood Easter Egg Hunt
An Easter egg hunt is a great way to engage in outreach at Easter time. This resource contains creative ideas for congregations to put on a safe and fun Easter egg hunt for their community.

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