What Will Your Legacy Be?

Legacy gifts often require more planning than weekly tithes and offerings and generally come from savings or accumulated resources. They often have special tax benefits and support ministry that is forward-thinking.

The most common types of legacy gift comes to the church when a person dies: money left in a will, a gift of life insurance or a charitable gift annuity. However, a planned gift can also be given when a person is alive. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and property can all be used to support ministry into the future.

Planned gifts can allow a church to go ahead with a ministry or special project that they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to do and the legacy may be felt for generations to come.

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Make a Charitable Bequest
Learn how a gift in your will can support future ministry at a cost less than you think. Includes tools congregations can use to encourage bequests.

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Estate Planning: Wills and Wording
Discover the right wording to use to leave a portion of your estate to your congregation or The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

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Gifts of Cash
Cash is a simple and effective way of supporting your congregation’s mission and ministry. Learn how tax credits in Canada can make it possible to give more than you think.

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Publicly Listed Securities
When you give stocks, bonds or mutual funds directly to the church, capital gains taxes are eliminated and you receive a full tax receipt.

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Charitable Gift Annuities
A unique way for Canadians (60+) to make a gift to the church and, in return, receive a guaranteed annual income for life — often tax-free.

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Life Beneficiary Gifts
If you make your church one of the beneficiaries of your RRSP or RRIF, the gift is deferred and revocable, so the tax credits will benefit your estate.

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Gifts of Life Insurance
Life insurance can be a creative way to increase the amount you are able to leave the church while providing for your loved ones.

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Gifts of Residual Interest
Receive immediate tax benefits by giving your home (or a portion) to the church now and continue to live in your home for the rest of your life.

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Donor Advised Funds
Through a DAF, a donor can reserve the right to direct how the capital is invested and how the revenue generated by the fund is distributed.

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Charitable Remainder Trusts
By setting up a trust, a donor can leave a gift to the church and also ensure that the needs of a dependent child or spouse are provided for.

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Webinar: Many Ways to Give
Half of Canadians can’t make a bequest because they don’t have a will! This webinar shows you how to make a will and include a planned gift.

Legacy Giving Bulletin Inserts

Legacy Giving Bulletin Inserts
This series of bulletin inserts explains the five most popular ways to give a planned gift.

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