The 2023 General Assembly will be from Sunday June 4 to Wednesday June 7, and will be held in-person at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This in-person gathering provides an opportunity for the church to consider matters affecting the ministry and mission of our denomination. Information, as it becomes available will be on this page.

The Assembly considers matters affecting the ministry and mission of our denomination. Commissioners, who are responsible for the business of Assembly, will discern and make decisions. At Assembly, commissioners, young adult and student representatives will welcome ecumenical and interfaith guests. The Assembly will open with worship Sunday evening.


New Information

Further information will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

PC-Biz Training Session

Training sessions were held for participants on how to use PC-Biz at the General Assembly and one of those session is posted for your information.

Reports to General Assembly

Reports to the 2023 General Assembly are available on PC-Biz for both commissioners and others to see. There will be a few more reports posted in the coming days.

PC-Biz is the online platform that delivers all the reports to the General Assembly. Also, all information relating to the Assembly will be found on PC-Biz in the resource tab.

Anyone can visit even without needing to log in to an account. Simply visit the ‘Committee’ tab and use the drop down menu to see each committee’s report, summary and recommendations. Make sure that the ‘Event’ tab next to ‘Committee’ says 2023 General Assembly.


Commissioners will receive an email with directions to create an account in PC-Biz and, once trained, will receive account credentials to use the full Assembly functions such as entering amendments and additional motions. During the Assembly all business will be delivered automatically to commissioners via the ‘SessionSync’ tab. Observers without an account can also use this tab to watch the business during the Assembly.

Commissioners, participants and other users of PC-Biz will need to check the ‘Resources’ tab for announcements, agendas, and other information about the Assembly.

If there is a particular recommendation or subject you want to find in PC-Biz, use the ‘Search’ tab.

Registration for Assembly

The registration process has begun for participants to the General Assembly.

Emails with information about the General Assembly and registration forms are now being sent to commissioners, YARs, students and resource people.

If you have not received an email, first check with the presbytery clerk to ensure that your name and contact information has been submitted. Then follow up with the General Assembly Office by contacting garegistration [at] presbyterian [dot] ca.

Schedule of the Assembly

The four day General Assembly will begin on Sunday June 4 at with Opening Worship and the first sederunt. It will conclude the evening of Wednesday June 7. There will be special events and gatherings beyond the times of the sederunts.

Orientation for Commissioners and Participants

There will be various orientation opportunities for this Assembly. The General Assembly Office will inform commissioners and participants of these orientation opportunities as they are developed.


The General Assembly will once again work with PC-Biz, an online platform that is designed to display the business of a General Assembly meeting, and where the interaction of the Assembly’s business will take place. All reports, recommendations and general information will be posted to PC-Biz. Commissioners, Young Adult and Student Representatives, and resource people will learn about using this platform during the PC-Biz training sessions that will be offered prior to the Assembly.


If you have any questions relating to the General Assembly arrangements, contact Terrie-Lee Hamilton .