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The information below will help you load the e-Book of Reports onto your laptop or tablet and move between reports. For this tutorial, you can download this year’s 2019 Book of Reports in an electronic format for practice. Using an electronic version of the Book of Reports will help us use less paper and have a ‘greener’ Assembly. As well, this will allow you to find the information you are looking for, more quickly and easily.


Bookmarks on a laptop.
Bookmarks on a laptop.
  1. Download the file below by clicking “Download” on the file below. The file will be saved to your laptop.
  2. Open the file using Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it from their website, free of charge. Once installed, you will see a red icon.
  3. Once the file is open, click on the Bookmarks icon in the top left corner of the screen, or go to View > Navigation Panels > Bookmarks.
  4. Double-clicking a bookmark that has an arrow beside it will expand to show additional bookmarks within that section. Double-clicking the bookmark again will collapse it to view only top-level bookmarks.


Tablet bookmarks
Location of bookmarks menu on an iPad using Adobe Reader.
  1. Ensure you have the Adobe Reader program installed on your tablet. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it from the App store, free of charge. You will see a red icon on your tablet.
  2. Download the file below by clicking “Download” and it will load into your browser. You can then tap anywhere on the screen and choose “Open in…” Select the Adobe Reader.
  3. To open bookmarks, choose the bookmark icon in the bottom right of the screen.
  4. On the iPad or Android tablet, when you have opened the file once, it will be in your list of pdf files each time you open the Adobe Reader application.
  5. When a bookmark has an arrow beside it, like the Life and Mission Agency, it means there are more bookmarks to take you to a specific section in the report, for example, Justice Ministries.
  6. From the first page of any report, you can scroll or swipe through the report as if you were dealing with paper pages.
  7. By tapping the bookmark again, you can go back to the recommendations. They are always listed at the front of the report.


  • Conveners of committees will always give the page number in the report they are presenting and, with a bit of practice, you will be able to get to that page quickly and easily.
  • You can  search for any words in the document using the Search or Find features of the reader.

For any questions or problems with using the e-Book of Reports, please email the Communications Office or call 1-800-619-7301 ext. 268. For more general comments, please email the General Assembly Office or call 1-800-619-7301 ext. 226.

2019 Book of Reports – for practicing

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