This page provides resources, contacts and assistance for ruling elders in The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

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This PDF contains the resource Equipping Elders, a compilation of “For Elders” and “Equipping For… Elders” publications that have been produced quarterly since 1997. In most cases, the articles are copied directly into this resource; in other instances, they are edited or parts are selected and placed into appropriate sections. It is available for purchase as a binder with hole-punched sheets for $23.

Equipping Elders Cover

Clergy Resources for Session Meetings and Retreats is a compilation of Session starters and workshops designed to answer common questions about Session meetings.

Clergy Resources for Session Meetings and Retreats 2017

This handbook was written primarily for members of the board of managers to help them understand their work in the church. However, ministers and members of Session will also benefit from reading it. The handbook is available for purchase for $3.

Board of Managers Handbook Spring 2019

This resource has been prepared to provide introductory information about discerning a call to eldership—to discern one’s own call or to nominate others who might be called. The hope is that this resource might encourage readers to learn more about the role of elder and help start conversations about becoming a church elder.

Becoming an Elder in the PCC

The Spirit Prays Within Us is a prayer workbook that is designed to help ruling elders explore the practice of prayer in their role as congregational leaders. Knowing that our experiences and expectations of prayer are many and varied, this workbook offers suggestions and exercises to help elders expand the ways to lead prayer in pastoral encounters.

The Spirit Prays Within Us: A Prayer Workbook for Ruling Elders

Featured Resources

2021 Book of Forms
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The Role of Presbytery (featuring an Assessor Elders Session starter)
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Ministry Options During Financial Constraint (featuring a “Do we have a quorum?” Session starter)
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Meaning of Membership (featuring a “Being part of a denomination” Session starter)
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Church Architecture Committee
Fees for use of church facilities
Session and the Board of Managers
Session and the Finance and Maintenance Committee
Selling Church Property
Using and Maintaining Church Facilities
Annual Congregational Meetings
Annual General Meetings – Rethinking them
Congregational Budget – can it be amended at the annual meeting?
Congregational Meetings – Who can call them?
Proxy Votes – Are they permitted at church meetings?
Intercultural skills for ruling elders: Tools for inclusion
Meaning of Membership
Members – Receiving them
Membership – What difference does it make?
Members – Seeking, Preparing and Admitting them
Natural Church Development
Nurturing Faith
The practicing congregation – Imagining a new old church
Presbyterian Questions and Answers
Renewal of the Church
Spiritual community: The renewing of the church
Taking your church to the next level: What got you here won’t get you there
Discerning the call of God to be an elder
Election of elders as a slate?
Election Process overview
Ordination vows
Previously ordained elders – How are the elected to the session?
Resources for Sessions
Session – Creating a balanced team
Term-service – what happens when an elder’s term comes to an end?
Term Service transitions
Term Service - Survey Results
Barrier Act
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Governance Reflection
Ordination vows
Presbyterian Governance
Theology and Polity – Law & Order
Theology and Polity – Christocracy or Democracy
Theology and Polity – Tyranny and Sin
Theology of Polity: Truth and Justice
Matthew 18 and reconciliation
Review of Ministry – Part 1
Review of Ministry – Part 2
Leading with Care
Police Records Check
Christian Education at the end of a ministry
Continuing Education – How much input does a session have?
Continuing Education Funds - What happens to them when a minister leaves a congregation?
What happens to con-ed allowance funds when minister leaves pastoral charge?
Intermission – What is it?
Minister in Association
Retired Ministers and offering pastoral care
Stated Supply or Interim Ministry
Vacation for ministers – Part 1
Vacation for ministers – Part 2
The Spirit Prays Within Us: A Prayer Workbook for Ruling Elders
Communication between session and congregation
Non-resident Ministers and Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care and the Sanctuary
Pastoral Care and the Feeding of Sheep
Pastoral Care and the Elder’s District
Pastoral Care and Ways of Visiting
Pastoral Care and the Value of Visiting
Welcoming elders 1
Young People
Adjournment - Does it need to be seconded?
Being an Example
Clerk of Session duties
Consent agenda
Covenant of Conduct
Healthy debate
Moderating Meetings
Prayer-full Meetings
Who are we to make decisions for the Congregation?
Minutes Template
Minutes, Recording them electronically
Being part of a denomination
Congregational statistical forms – how long do we keep them?
Study and Report – What and Why
General Assembly commissioner – what does one do?
General Assembly Commissioner
Minister performance - Who is responsible for assessing it?
Presbytery Representative Elder
Presbyter Representative elder - May a non-elected elder serve as one?
Session – Presbytery Relationship
Equipping For Eldership – January 2017
Funds – setting one up
Generosity, Encouraging
Generosity, Growing
Gaming industry grants – may churches apply for them?
Ministry Options During Financial Constraint
Money, Talking about it
Presbyterians Sharing – Tax or Opportunity
Session and stewardship
Stewardship of Finances
The Beauty of Duty
Trust Deed Q & A
Trust Deed Template - Book of Forms, Appendix C
Trustee liability
Why do congregations have trustees?
What is a trust deed?
Order of Worship – who has input
Prayer and Calvin
Sacrament of Baptism and Calvin
Sacrament of Baptism and Grandparents
Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper and Calvin
Worship - The conduct and content
Worship - The hours and forms