Presbyterians Sharing LogoPresbyterians Sharing Sunday is September 26, 2021

This is a day to celebrate the generosity of Presbyterians across Canada using gifts given by God to carry out Christ’s ministry in our communities and around the world.

Together, we build strong congregations, serve vulnerable people, walk with Indigenous people, seek justice and share God’s love around the world. Together, we are Presbyterians Sharing.

The following materials can be tailored to meet your congregation’s needs. There is a complete printed worship service, videos of the sermon and children’s story, and all the digital components you need to create and customize your own service. Use on September 26 or any other Sunday that works for you. Feel free to share the videos on social media or on your congregation’s website.

2021 PS Sunday Worship Service

Worship Service

The printed worship service includes prayers, hymns, scripture selections, a sermon and a children’s story. Feel free to adapt it as you wish.
View | Download: PDF , Word .

2021 PS Sunday sermon

Video: Sermon – Sharing Our Gifts

Heather Chappell (Education Program Coordinator, Stewardship & Planned Giving) shares a sermon based on 1 Corinthians 12: 27-31 that celebrates people from all walks of life who are using their gifts to participate in God’s mission. Includes illustrative photos and first-hand accounts from the Rev. Joel Sherbino (Malawi), the Rev. David Moody (Hamilton) and Kate McGee (Boarding Homes Ministry). Show this video during worship or use the sermon text from the worship service with some of the components below to customize your own sermon.

View | Download (280MB)

2021 PS Sunday Sermon Slides

PowerPoint Slides

Use these slides for the sermon and children’s story if you are customizing them for your congregation.

View | Download (142MB)

2021 PS Together We Serve

Video: Together we Serve

This 3-minute video can be used to begin your service or as a mission moment to introduce Presbyterians Sharing. It includes a breakdown showing how a $100 gift makes a difference.

View | Download (155MB)

2021 PS Sunday Prison Ministry Malawi

Video: Prison Ministry in Malawi

Learn about the Rev. Joel Sherbino’s work with prisons in Malawi. Supported by gifts to Presbyterians Sharing.

View | Download (147MB)

2021 PS Sunday Replanting Hamilton Churches

Video: Replanting Churches in Hamilton

Learn about the work Rev. David Moody is doing with congregations as Replanting Pastor for the Presbytery of Hamilton. Supported by gifts to Presbyterians Sharing.

View | Download (240MB)