The Presbyterian Church in Canada offers various funding to help congregations in a variety of areas including children and youth ministry, worship, lay training, conferences, building projects, mission work, specialized ministries and ministerial assistance. For other funds, visit the Funds/Grants web page.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
—Martin Luther King Jr.

Supporting Ministry Grants are given to support ministry in one of the four following categories:

This category includes forms of congregational ministry that start as something completely new.

This category includes congregational ministries involved in a significant and intentional program of change that results in something transformed and different from what had previously existed. An example of this would be a congregation that intentionally decides to minister in a different language or to a different cultural group. The change must be a critical one and not only a matter of improving or making alterations to what is already in existence.

Understanding that there is vital work of Christian ministry that is done beyond congregations, Canadian Ministries works with and makes funding available for many non-congregational ministries including ministry with Aboriginal people, inner city ministries, and francophone ministries.

This category includes smaller congregations and pastoral charges, usually located in either rural and/or remote situations, or in urban settings. The grant-receiving congregation or pastoral charge works with the presbytery and Canadian Ministries to agree upon the duration and amount of the grant. It is expected that each ministry will work towards self-sufficiency.

Through generous donations to Presbyterians Sharing, it is possible for The Presbyterian Church in Canada to partner with presbyteries, (synods, when applicable) and local ministries to support initiatives across the country. The courts of the church are vested with significant powers and responsibilities and are to take great care in reviewing proposed grant applications before endorsing and submitting applications for consideration by Canadian Ministries.

The denomination relies heavily upon the wisdom and insight of mission committees of presbyteries (and synods, when applicable) to assess the needs of the local context and forward requests to Canadian Ministries only after ensuring that there is strong appropriate leadership and support for new and renewing ministries and that they fit within the presbytery’s vision of mission and ministry.

Moreover, presbyteries (and synods, when applicable) are to endorse ministries only after careful and prayerful consideration and that are believed to have some measure of vitality and longevity.

Support from Governing Body – Extract of Minute

Grants through the Life and Mission Agency are available for ministries that are under the oversight of a court of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Examples of governing bodies and ministries for which they provide oversight could include:

Presbytery – congregations and local missions
Synod – camps

General Assembly – colleges

Questions about oversight and governing bodies can be answered by staff in Canadian Ministries.

All applications require the endorsement of the ministry’s governing body. The following example provides all the necessary elements of an extract of minute that will be required for a complete application; the example can be used to make a motion at a presbytery or synod meeting. If the application is endorsed, the Clerk of Presbytery or Synod or the Secretary of a Board will provide the applicant with a copy of the extract to upload to the application.

Example: On motion of J. Calvin/J. Knox, upon review it was agreed that the Presbytery of Caledonia endorse the application and supporting documents from St. Andrew’s, O’Leary, PE to the Avondbloem Experimental Fund in the amount of $750 to support the [program name] in 2015.


The deadline for the Supporting Ministries Grant is October 1.

Questions about the Fund

If you have a question about making an application to the fund, please email Jen Astop in Canadian Ministries or call 1-800-619-7301 ext. 298.

Continue Contributions to the Fund

If you wish to contribute to the Supporting Ministries Grant, email Karen Plater in Planned Giving or Canadian Ministries, or call 1-800-619-7301 ext. 298.


Funds from the Supporting Ministry Grants are used to support a ministry leader’s stipend. Grants are typically awarded for a five year period at a declining rate, as congregations/ministries work towards financial stability.

All congregations of The Presbyterian Church in Canada are eligible to apply, as well as non-congregational ministries that are identified as outreach missions of the PCC.

Your congregation/ministry should start by consulting with your presbytery to determine needs, to clarify the focus of your ministry and to ensure your ministry proposal fits within the Presbytery’s current and future vision of mission and ministry. If this is a first time application, it is during this time that Presbytery should be in contact with Canadian Ministries to discuss the proposal.

The grant supports the congregation or ministry leader’s stipend. If the minister or ministry leader retires or leaves during the grant period, and if there is a lapse in leadership, then the grant would be suspended until the position is filled. If, however, there is someone to step into the leadership role right away, then the grant would be continued without interruption. Canadian Ministries must be notified right away about any changes to leadership.

If you receive funding, as part of the grant covenant you agree to participate in PCC story sharing initiatives (Stories of Mission, Mission Moments, Facebook postings, etc.) as requested. Canadian Ministries uses these stories to help promote your congregation or ministry to the wider church. As these stories are shared, you explain why donating to Presbyterians Sharing is making a difference in our communities and at the same time share models of ministry that can spark others in the denomination to try new things. It also gives you an opportunity to express your gratitude for the generous support you receive from the wider church.

The purpose of creating goals and objectives is to help your congregation or ministry to identify clear focal areas for the forthcoming year, as well as set benchmarks to help you track your progress. If you receive funding, as part of the grant covenant you will be asked later in the year to complete a Grant Evaluation Form. The evaluation form asks you to describe what your ministry did to meet these goals, the impact your initiative had on the ministry, and best practices identified during the experience.

Follow the checklist (in the resources section) carefully to ensure all pieces of the grant application are completed. When writing your grant application, be sure to include important information about how your congregation or ministry serves a need in your local community and describe who is impacted by your congregation or ministry. Congregations are encouraged to also submit a financial stability plan that indicates how they intend to achieve financial stability in greater detail. A third-party reference letter (from an individual or community group) may also help to strengthen your application, particularly for social ministries applying to the Specialized Ministry category.

Yes. Ministries are required to re-apply each year (by the October 1 deadline), and submit an annual endorsement from their Presbytery. Canadian Ministries sends out a letter each spring to remind grant recipients about their re-application and indicate the anticipated grant amount for the forthcoming year.

Resources to help you prepare your application

Image of arrow pointing downSteps in the Supporting Ministry Grants Application Process
Image of arrow pointing downRequired Documents Check List
Image of arrow pointing downGoals and Objectives Form for Application
Image of arrow pointing downMinistry Grant Categories
Image of arrow pointing downMinistry Endorsement: Re-Application
Image of arrow pointing down2024 Minimum Stipend and Allowance Schedule
Image of arrow pointing downSample Annual Leading with Care Report for Grant Receiving Ministries

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