In this resource you will find stories of people—from across Canada and around the world—sharing God’s love, hope, peace and justice with those around them. Through your prayers and gifts to Presbyterians Sharing, Presbyterian World Service & Development, the Women’s Missionary Society and Atlantic Mission Society you are helping support the mission and ministry featured in these stories.

Each story includes a reflection, discussion questions, hymn suggestions and a prayer. You can use this resource as a mission study or Bible study. You could also share the stories as part of a sermon series.

Congregations have permission to use and copy all or any part of this document. Include stories in newsletters, incorporate them into sermons, reflect on them in Bible studies. Feel free to be creative!

As God sent Christ to us, so Christ sends us into the world. We are here to proclaim Christ in word and deed. Mission is service, a call to help people in need and to permeate all of life with the compassion of God.

— Living Faith, Section 9

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Image of arrow pointing down2020 Stories of Mission: Gifts in Action

Image of arrow pointing downAll creation is sacred space
Image of arrow pointing downBeing a stranger while serving the stranger
Image of arrow pointing downBeing present with our neighbours
Image of arrow pointing downCelebrating new life in Malawi
Image of arrow pointing downHow long do we wait
Image of arrow pointing downInvesting in the church in challenging times
Image of arrow pointing downLearning and teaching across cultures
Image of arrow pointing downLiving the life God has given us
Image of arrow pointing downMaking soup for change
Image of arrow pointing downPages from Struck down but not destroyed
Image of arrow pointing downThe sky is the limit

What’s the Difference?

Presbyterians Sharing funds The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s overall mission and ministry in Canada and around the world. Support for Presbyterians Sharing comes from congregations, individuals and grants from the Women’s Missionary Society and Atlantic Mission Society.

Presbyterian World Service & Development
is The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s development and relief agency. PWS&D raises funds over and above Presbyterians Sharing from congregations, individuals and government grants to overcome poverty and address disasters in Africa, Asia and Central America. Support from the PCC helps keep administrative costs low. International Ministries mission personnel, funded through Presbyterians Sharing, often work with partners who receive grants from PWS&D.

Gifts of Change is a way to provide special gifts to programs supported by both Presbyterians Sharing and PWS&D over and above your regular giving to these two funds. Projects can be found in the Gifts of Change catalogue.

What Are the Mission Societies?

Women’s Missionary Society encourages members and all people of the church to be involved in local and world mission through prayer, study, service and fellowship. The WMS provides an annual grant to support the mission work of Presbyterians Sharing and supports PWS&D programs and other Canadian and international special projects. WMS groups can be found in congregations from Quebec to British Columbia.

Atlantic Missionary Society gathers to glorify God and to support mission endeavours through The Presbyterian Church in Canada with prayer, study and service. The AMS provides an annual grant to support Presbyterians Sharing and supports PWS&D programs and other Canadian and international special projects. AMS groups are located in the Atlantic provinces.

Raise support for Presbyterians Sharing
Every gift matters! Give online, by mail or through your congregation. Use mission moments, posters, videos, PowerPoint and worship resources to promote Presbyterians Sharing in your congregation. Gifts to PWS&D, the WMS, AMS and Gifts of Change also support our mission partners and complement gifts to Presbyterians Sharing.

Participate in General Assembly
Be part of the decision-making process that shapes the future of our denomination. Follow the proceedings on the web, read the reports and implement the recommended actions.

Join a Mission Society
The Women’s Missionary Society and Atlantic Mission Society encourage involvement in local and world mission through prayer, study, service and fellowship. WMS groups are located in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec and AMS groups are located in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

Connect with our mission partners
* Invite a mission speaker to come to your church and share stories about the work of our PCC partners. Click here to find out more about mission speakers.
* Go on a mission trip and experience mission first-hand. Read more about mission opportunities here.
* Participate in Youth in Mission. Learn more here.

Advocate for justice
Respond to the biblical call to seek justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God. Advocate for climate justice. Care for creation. Build relationships with Indigenous people. Walk with low income neighbours to seek dignity and basic necessities such as housing and nutritious food. Advocate for peace and human rights. Invite a Justice Ministries speaker to preach or lead workshops on climate change, healing and reconciliation, the Israel-Palestine conflict, migrant workers and poverty.

Respond with Presbyterian World Service & Development
Respond to emergencies and help build sustainable communities through PWS&D. Become an advocate and PWS&D will send you all the latest news and resources so that you can spread the word about this important work to your congregation. Find out more at

Develop a new skill and grow your ministry
Contact us for ideas on developing leadership skills, growing ministries with children and youth, enhancing worship and evangelism programs or expanding stewardship efforts. Check out conference opportunities like Stewards by Design. Connect with regional staff in your Synod to see how they can help.

Mission in Canada

Through gifts to Presbyterians Sharing, The Presbyterian Church in Canada partners with presbyteries and local ministries to support mission and ministry initiatives across the country.

Your gifts help create new ministries, help churches grow, allow struggling ministries to be reborn and provide support, hope and resources for inner city, refugee and native ministries.

Specialized Ministries

Presbyterians Sharing helps inner city, refugee and Indigenous ministries bring hope and transformation to the lives of individuals and communities.

Ministries with Indigenous People

Congregational Ministries

Presbyterians Sharing supports congregations involved in intentional programs of transformation, and congregations and pastoral charges working towards becoming self-sufficient. Through God’s grace, new worshipping communities and congregations are springing up and taking root across our denomination.

Presbyterians Sharing also equips congregations for Christian education, worship, evangelism, stewardship, youth ministry, leadership development and justice work. Grants to synods and presbyteries support creative initiatives for ministry and mission across Canada. Events like Canada Youth bring people from across Canada together to share experiences and learn new skills.

Mission Around the World

Effective mission partnership is a covenant relationship between people—often of diverse backgrounds—who are striving to bring about God’s realm of justice and peace. Through International Ministries, Presbyterians Sharing sends mission personnel to support and accompany international partners and provides grants to support their work in Christian education, Bible translation, evangelism, leadership development and theological education. Presbyterian World Service & Development supports the development, relief and refugee work of international partners.

International Mission Staff

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2020 Stories of Mission - Gifts in Action

Country & Partner

Lead Agency

Korea Presbyterian Church of Korea IM
Kyrgyzstan Interserve (Canada) IM
Lebanon The near East School of theology (NEST) IM
Joint Christian Committee (JCC) IM
Malawi CCAP- Blantyre Synod IM / PWS&D
Mulanje Mission hospital IM / PWS&D
Zomba Theological Seminary IM
CCAP — Livingstonia Synod IM / PWS&D
Ekwendeni Hospital AIDS Program (EHAP) PWS&D
Livingstonia Synod AIDS Program (LIiSAP) PWS&D
Synod of Livingstonia Development Department (SOLDEV) PWS&D
Synod of Livingstonia Health Department PWS&D
Theological Education by Extension in Malawi (TEEM) IM
Churches Action for Development & Relief (CARD) PWS&D
Mauritius Presbyterian Church of Mauritius IM
Formation Biblique et Théologique à Maurice IM
Bible Society of Mauritius (BSM) IM
Nepal United Mission to Nepal (UMN) IM
International Nepali Fellowship (INF) IM / PWS&D
Nicaragua Comite pro Alianza Denominancial (Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua (CEPAD) PWS&D / IM
The Institute for Human Promotion – Managua (INPHRU) PWS&D
Asociacion Soya de Nicaragua (SOYNICA) PWS&D
Nigeria Presbyterian Church of Nigeria IM
Abakaliki Literacy and Translation Trust IM
Pakistan Interserve (Canada) IM
Community World Service Asia (CWSA) PWS&D
Taiwan Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) IM
Bible Society of Taiwan (BST) IM
Romania Transylvanian Reformed Church in Romania IM
Protestant Theological Institute of Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca IM
Reformed Church in Romania, Kiralyhagomellek District IM
Samuel House IM
Ukraine Hungarian Reformed Church in Sub-Carpathian Ukraine IM
Terra Dei IM
Regional Christian Conference of Asia IM
Caribbean and North American Council for Mission (CANACOM) IM
Middle East Council of Churches IM
Department of Service for Palestinian Refugees (DSPR) IM
Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) IM
Worldwide World Council of Churches IM / PWS&D
ACT Alliance PWS&D
WCC/EAA Initiative PWS&D
Canadian Foodgrains Bank PWS&D

IM — International Ministries
PWS&D — Presbyterian World Service & Development