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How to Order

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Church Life 

Acts and Proceedings 2021
Becoming an Elder in The Presbyterian Church
in Canada

Being a Presbyterian in Canada Today
Body, Mind and Soul – Leader’s Study Guide
Body, Mind and Soul – Supplementary Handouts
Book of Forms 2021
Called to Covenant, two-book set:
Leader’s Guide
Resource Book
Catechism for Today
Clergy Resources for Session Meetings and Retreats
Confessing the Faith Today
Eldership in Today’s Church
Emergency Planning Guide for Churches
Equipping Elders
Guide for Congregations Considering Membership
Guide for Congregations Considering Membership (Korean)
How to Pray in Your Own Way – Leader’s Guide
How to Pray in Your Own Way – Participant’s Workbook
PCC Board of Managers Handbook
The Presbyterian Church Upside-down
Treasurers’ Handbook
Together in Ministry: The Theology and Practice of Ministry in the PCC
Volunteering in the Church, study guide
Wall Calendar
Writer’s Style Guide and Web Standards


Book Plates: Blank, In Memory, Presented To
Communion Cards
Elder’s Record Binder
Elder’s Record Inserts
Pew Cards
Visitor Offering Envelopes


Book of Common Worship
Book of Common Worship CD
Book of Praise – large print, spiral-bound, or
pew edition
Book of Psalms
Book of Psalms: Harmony (large print)
Living Faith
Living Faith (French)
Living Faith (Korean)
Living Faith (Taiwanese)
Living Faith (Mandarin)
Living Faith Study Guide
Praying for 31 Countries Around the World Where Religious Persecution is High
The Spirit Prays Within Us: A Prayer Workbook for Ruling Elders
To Preach the Good News, Handbook
Worship in Long-Term Care Settings (Persons with Alzheimers Disease and Dementia)
Wisely & Fairly and for the Good of All

Christian Mission & Education

Being the Church
Glorifying and Enjoying God
Learning Your Way into Missional Ministry –
A “Design Thinking” Guide

Mission Possible: Study Guide


Calling a Minister
Candidacy Process in PCC
Workplace Harassment Policy
Interim Ministry Policy and Procedures
Leading with Care Policy, binder
Leading with Care Poster
Policy for Dealing with Sexual Abuse Revised Edition, booklet
Policy for Dealing with Sexual Abuse and/or Harassment Pamphlets:
Training for Sessions and Congregations in Dealing with Sexual Abuse/Harassment Issues
Policy for the Amalgamation or Dissolution of Congregations
Policy for the Dissolution of Pastoral Ties

Presbyterians Sharing

Gifts of Change Giving Catalogue
Giving Tree, bulletin insert and ornaments
One Mission, Two Funds Brochure (“What’s the Difference?”):
Presbyterians Sharing Bookmarks: International Partnerships, Preaching
Presbyterians Sharing Brochure
Presbyterians Sharing Offering Envelopes
Presbyterians Sharing Poster
Stories of Mission 2021: Living Faith

Presbyterian World Service & Development (PWS&D)

View PWS&D resources online

Stewardship & Planned Giving

Giving Guide Bulletin Insert
Inspiring Generosity: A Stewardship Resource
for the Local Church
Planned Giving Brochures:
Gift Annuities
Planned Giving Bulletin Insert – What Will Your
Legacy Be?

Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR):
Bulletin Insert
Your Will – Workbook

Certificates and Registers

Baptism Certificate | Register
Elder Emeritus Certificate
Elder Ordination Certificate
Marriage Record | Register
Membership Transfer Certificate
Profession of Faith Certificate
Volunteer Recognition Certificate


Boy/Girl Scout Badge
The Joyful Feast in God’s Household
Walk this Way: Lenten Resource for Families
Why Bring Your Child to Church Pamphlet
Wrapped in God’s Love: Stewardship
YIMformation Retreat – Facilitator’s Guide
Your Child’s Baptism


Confession of The Presbyterian Church in Canada Study Guide
God’s Good Old Earth
Speaking Out Against Racism and Hate in Canada, study guide
Time For Justice Bulletin Inserts:
Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon
Climate Change
Migrant Workers in Canada
Religious Persecution
Social Action Handbook


After Modernism… What? by W.W. Bryden
The Cutting Edge of Mission, Vol. II
The Cutting Edge of Mission, Vol. III
From the Bottom Up
Enduring Witness by John S. Moir