• 5 Reasons to Have a Coach for New Church Development
  • A Catechism for Today
  • An Invitation to Coaching in Christ
  • Becoming an Elder in The Presbyterian Church in Canada
  • Congregational Loans
  • Consent Agenda: A Tool for Church Meetings
  • Ecumenical Shared Ministries Handbook
  • Equipping for Congregational Development
  • Gifts of God Study Guide
  • Guide for Congregations Considering Membership Within The Presbyterian Church in Canada
  • Holy Spaces - Presbyterian Liturgy, Theology and Architecture
  • Pew Cards
  • Policy for the Amalgamation or Dissolution of Congregations
  • Resources for Congregations in Transition
  • The Annual Meeting - Considering a Consent Agenda
  • The Haynes Report
  • The Multicultural Church - Tips for Making it Work
  • The PCC Board of Managers Handbook
  • Volunteer Appreciation

Gifts of God Videos: The Sacraments

Communion: A Feast of Grace

Baptism: A Sign of Promise