Christmas wrapping and ornaments

This Christmas, participate in our Giving Tree project.

Advent is a time to celebrate God’s great gift of love by sharing our gifts with others. Through the Giving Tree project, the ornaments on your Christmas tree have the power to change lives in Canada and around the world.

This Advent, begin or continue a Giving Tree tradition. Putting ornaments on the tree is a tangible way to celebrate the collective gifts your congregation is sharing at Christmas. People who aren’t yet attending worship in person can participate from home. Be creative and do what works for your congregation!

Every gift is a gift of hope. Every gift changes lives.

How it works

  • Put a tree (large or small) in your sanctuary, fellowship hall, or at the back of the church. If you already have a mission tree (e.g. a mitten tree) you could combine the two projects on one tree.
  • Place two baskets on a table by the tree—one with blank ornaments and one with Gifts of Change catalogues. There are three types of ornaments: Gifts of Change, Presbyterians Sharing and Presbyterian World Service & Development (PWS&D). You could also include a basket with ribbons that can be used to hang the ornaments.
  • Adapt the material for people who are worshipping from home by mailing or emailing ornaments to each household and creating a virtual giving tree. Ask members to send photos of themselves hanging the ornaments on their trees and share these photos during online worship.
  • To create a personalized Giving Tree donation page for your congregation, contact Maggie Leung .

Encourage your congregation to fill the tree with gifts.

  • Encourage people to make a special gift this Christmas, over and above what they usually give. They can give to Gifts of Change, Presbyterians Sharing, or PWS&D.
  • Fill in the back of the ornament and hang it on the tree or place it on the offering plate (ornaments from the offering plate can be placed on the tree sometime during worship, such as during the children’s time or following the offering).
  • Participants can give through the congregation with their designations clearly marked or they can give directly by donating online or mailing a cheque to the national office. Decide what works best for your congregation.


At the end of Advent, add up the total amount on the ornaments and celebrate the change your congregation has helped make possible!


Giving Tree Bulletin Insert (Inserts bundled in packs of 25.)
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Ornaments (Ornaments bundled in packs of 32. Suggested quantity: 1 pack per 50 people)
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Gifts of Change Catalogue (Ordered individually. Suggested quantity: 10 copies per 10 people)
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