A Legacy of Vision and Generosity

Lord Strathcona (Donald Smith) This co-founder of the Canadian Pacific Railroad drove the last spike in 1885. His generous donations established the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal and provided scholarships for the first women to study at McGill University.

Lord Strathcona

Dr. James Naismith After graduating from Presbyterian College in Montreal, he decided he could have a greater impact through sports than in congregational ministry. While training to be a YMCA director, he invented basketball in 1891. The James Naismith Foundation maintains the Naismith Museum in Almonte, ON, and supports basketball programs in First Nations communities.

James Naismith

Isabella Walton This Sunday School teacher’s gift of her farm in Scarborough, ON, to the PCC became Walton Place, housing Westminster Church, a 104 unit apartment complex and the Isabella Walton Childcare Centre.

Isabella Walton

Colonel J.B. Maclean This son of the manse established Maclean Publishing, and the bequest of his beloved experimental farm to the PCC in 1950 became Crieff Hills Conference Centre which hosts thousands of visitors each year.

Colonel J.B. Maclean

George van Beek This engineer’s gift of stock launched the Avondbloem Experimental Fund in 1981 which has provided grants for more than 120 creative ministry projects across Canada.

George van Beek

Helen Watson This retired nurse’s bequest to St. David’s Church in Halifax established the Watson Endowment Fund, which has disbursed over $110,000 for a variety of ministries in Nova Scotia.

Helen Watson

Giollo Kelly This pioneering church worker became one of the first women elders in 1966 and one of the first Presbyterians to acquire a gift annuity in 1994.

Giollo Kelly

Dr. Simon Wing This endocrinologist’s gift of stock in 2012 commissioned a communion table for Montreal Chinese Presbyterian Church in memory of his father, James Wing, and the 1000s of Chinese immigrants forced to pay the head tax.

Simon Wing

What will your legacy be? All of these people and countless others are truly God’s ProVisionaries and we are the beneficiaries of their faith and generosity. But we don’t have to remain just beneficiaries; through our planned gifts we can also become benefactors and leave enduring legacies of our own. A bequest through our wills can provide annual income for creative ministry with children and youth for generations to come. A gift of stock can help provide start-up libraries in perpetuity for new ministers in Malawi and other majority world countries through International Ministries’ newly established New Ministers’ Library Endowment Fund. A gift annuity can provide tax-free income for as long as we live and money to enhance the music ministry of our congregation so that songs of praise continue to echo down the centuries. The good news of planned giving is that we don’t have to be a millionaire like Lord Strathcona or J.B. Maclean to have an enduring impact through our philanthropy. By using the tax laws as they are designed and by pooling our resources with other Presbyterians, we can leave larger gifts than we may have imagined possible and plant seeds of hope for generations to come. What will your legacy be?


To learn how a bequest in your will, a gift annuity or some other planned gift can leave a lasting legacy for generations to come, please contact:

Stewardship & Planned Giving
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Toll free:1-800-619-7301
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