Helen WatsonHelen Watson had a long career as a nurse in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she was also active in The Church of St. David and the Atlantic Mission Society. Helen passed away more than a decade ago, but she continues to be active in the life and ministry of her congregation and in various charities across the province. How? She left a $300,000 bequest to St. David’s, which she designated for “mission work in Nova Scotia.” With her gift, the congregation decided to establish a permanent endowment fund in her name. Over the past decade, money has been disbursed from the Watson Fund to a wide variety of ministries including:

  • The Out of the Cold Shelter at St. Matthew’s United Church in Halifax,
  • Camp Geddie, the Presbyterian Synod camp, for a mission outreach animator position,
  • Coverdale Centre (for women who are having trouble with the law),
  • Phoenix House (for vulnerable youth),
  • A drug addiction centre, etc.

St. David’s gives away $12-15,000 each year (there is a cap of $5,000 per project). Over the last nine years, $112,000 has been has been distributed, and there is still $380,000 left in the fund! Helen Watson’s heart for mission continues to beat strongly through the endowment fund established through her generosity.