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The Presbyterian Church in Canada is a member of For the Love of Creation, a Canadian faith-based coalition for climate justice.

We come together as people of faith in the hope of making a meaningful contribution towards a sustainable future for all life on the planet, honouring God the Creator, and God’s beloved creation. We invite you to join us as we work towards education, reflection, action and advocacy for climate justice.

How are you called? Three ways to join.

The coalition has prepared a series of questions and a guide for anyone who wants to join or lead a theologically grounded conversation about climate justice. These questions can be used in small groups. The conversations will capture critical reflections that will be used by the coalition toward the development of a Letter of the Faith for the Love of Creation—a grassroots pastoral epistle for faith communities and to the wider society laying out concerns, challenges and possibilities for collective action. Learn more here .

Talking to each other to build relationships and reduce polarization is essential for gaining consensus on the actions we need to take to build a sustainable future for all. There are three streams for conversation. The first is for those who rarely talk about climate change and focuses on gently probing thoughts and emotions. The second is for those who have a basic understanding of climate change but feel uncertain about what they can do about it. The third stream is meant for those who are already engaged and focuses on enacting political and systemic change for climate justice. Connect here .

The faith communities involved in For the Love of Creation share a common agreement to call on the federal government to increase reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions, investing in a “just transition” to a fair, inclusive and green economy, implementing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and equally supporting mitigation and adaptation measures to reduce the impact of climate change in the global south. Read the petition here .

Questions? Contact Justice Ministries or Presbyterian World Service & Development .