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Resources to help Christians both young and seasoned walk more fully in the way of Jesus.

Returning from the Mountaintop: Listening, Discerning, Equipping

From youth retreats to mission trips to camp and various other mountaintop experiences, the feeling of having been to the mountaintop and come back can leave people feeling determined to make changes in their lives, yet many find themselves being sucked back into the same old rut. Ian Ross-McDonal, General Secretary of the Life and Mission Agency of the PCC, reflects on the importance of having a strategy for re-entry into daily life so that mountaintop experiences  get fully integrated into our faith life.

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Peacemaking in a Time of Chaos—A 3-Part Bible Study for Youth

Ask any teen or young adult how they feel about the world these days and their answers will reflect a mixture of youthful optimism and fearful worry. The realities of our collective issues, such as social conflict, political violence and environmental destruction, combined with personal struggles leads many people to believe that chaos rules life. This issue offers ideas and tools for exploring how to be peacemakers in times of chaos.

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Living the Story Through Lent: Lent and Easter Ideas for Children

More than any other season of the church year, Lent and Easter invites us not only to hear the Christian Story, but to live it, and to invite everyone to join this journey of transformation. This issue provides ideas for Creative liturgy—worship infused with creativity and imagination – that can be an excellent vehicle for educating worshipers about the power and purpose of Lent and Easter.

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Confirmation Programs in The Presbyterian Church in Canada

Many people might be astonished to fine pre-teens or teens spending time questioning and learning from church leaders. It is at this age that many youth withdraw from our congregations. Their absence, or at least their smaller numbers, have left many of us wondering what to do about confirmation. This focuses on confirmation programs and the resources used and available in the PCC.

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The Role of Grandparents and Caring Adults in Faith Formation of Children and Youth

Church researchers and leaders suggest that grandparents and caring adults in our faith communities can play a significant part today in the faith formation of young people. This resource explores that role and how to equip adults for it.

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Creating an Innovative Youth Program

Youth ministry is as challenging, multi-faceted and complicated as the times we live in. This resource shares two stories of different, creative approaches to youth ministry by Canadian Presbyterian congregations. Our hope is that it helps you identify and reflect on the youth ministry program(s) in your community and inspire thought on the ways that you and your church might help to strengthen and ensure the sustainability of local youth ministry

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