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Resources to help you plan and lead meaningful worship services.

Worship Words: Discipling Language for Faithful Ministry

The variety of names we receive in our life, from the names we are given at birth to all those we collect along the way, say something about who we are and how we are connected to the world around us. In the context of our faith, words are a vehicle through which we come to know and experience God. This resource shares key ideas and accompanying exercises that will help you as a ministry leader expand your worship vocabulary. We hope that, in turn, those worshipping alongside you will develop a more expansive vision of God and a fuller language of devotion.

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Why Worship with the Music of Global Christianity?

The PCC has worshippers from many national and racial backgrounds in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Carribbean, and Central and South America and singing the music of global Christianity is singing the music of our neighbours worldwide. This resource shares tips and resources that can help us introduce such music into our worship services.

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People with All Abilities Participating in Worship

How can we go beyond accessibility to full participation in our worship communities for people with a whole range of abilities? This resource provides tips that asnwers the question, “Are all people able to worship with us?”

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Part Two: Let’s Be Radical and Worship Together!

What are we doing when we worship? Why do we gather on Sunday morning to praise God? How can the whole community that gathers be drawn into worship? Part one of this resources encouraged reflection and discussion about the way we worship and how we might be “radically inclusive” of all age groups in our worship practices. This resource, part two, goes one step further by providing concrete examples of how we can involve children in all aspects of the worship service so that they too can experience the magnitude of what takes place when the faithful gather to worship God.

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Visual Arts in Worship: Designing the Content of Screens for Effective Communication

The goal of digital technology in worship is to enhance the worship experience by creating a visual space on the screen that will point eyes to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This resource helps you with tips and resouces if you are planning on introducing digital projection or multi- media into your worship  service.

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Enhancing Space: Banners 101

Church banners help us to focus on our Christian beliefs. Banners are like stained glass windows. They tell the story of God’s message of glory and presence. This resource shares ideas and helpful tips on how to embrace the challenge of creating new designs and seeing them displayed in the sanctuary.

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