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Resources to help you plan and lead meaningful worship services

Best Practices for Online Worship

Worship is central to who we are as congregations and a denomination, whether it is done in person or online. Many congregations are new to online worship, while others have been conducting worship online for years. Online worship is an opportunity to get people who might not regularly participate in in-person worship involved. This resource contains best practices for congregations experienced with worshipping virtually as well as those just getting started.

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Introduction to Live Streaming for Churches

Live streaming church services is now easier and more affordable than ever before. And there are two good reasons to consider live streaming in your church services. The first is to accommodate congregants who are unable to attend worship. The second reason is to reach new worshippers. Those who join you virtually are just as much part of your service as those who are in the building. As you lead worship, keep them in mind and let God’s kingdom extend out beyond your walls and into the homes of everyone who tunes into your broadcast!

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Ways to Incorporate the Artistic Gifts of the Congregation into Worship

Music is a common art form used in worship, but what about other forms of art? Chances are there are many artistic talents in your congregation that could be used to glorify God and beautify your church’s sanctuary. There are many easy ways to facilitate participation from congregation members of all ages in sharing their gifts through creative expression.

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Worship Words: Discipling Language for Faithful Ministry

The variety of names we receive in our life, from the names we are given at birth to all those we collect along the way, say something about who we are and how we are connected to the world around us. In the context of our faith, words are a vehicle through which we come to know and experience God. This resource shares key ideas and accompanying exercises that will help you as a ministry leader expand your worship vocabulary. We hope that, in turn, those worshipping alongside you will develop a more expansive vision of God and a fuller language of devotion.

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People with All Abilities Participating in Worship

How can we go beyond accessibility to full participation in our worship communities for people with a whole range of abilities? This resource provides tips that answer the question, “Are all people able to worship with us?”

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