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Ways Churches Can Offer Connection and Care During Social Distancing

As we learn to live differently in this time of social distancing, churches have a unique opportunity to help people remain connected and supported. At this time, we are called to be attentive to the needs around us, invite God to show us how we can serve and respond with creativity and adaptability. How churches respond will be varied because each of our communities is different. You are encouraged to discern what is best for the particular situation you find yourselves in. In this article, you will find a list of suggestions for offering connection and support during this time of social distancing.

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Ways for Churches to Create Partnerships in Their Local Communities

God is already powerfully at work in the community where your church is located, and your church was put there for a reason. As many churches seek to move outside of the church building’s walls, they are looking for new ways to understand the hopes and needs of their neighbours, build relationships and partner with others in the good work that is already happening. This resource contains tips for how your church can create partnerships with other organizations and people doing God’s work in your community.

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Opening Your Doors to People with Diverse Abilities

From the beginning, God has protected and honoured creation’s diversity and called people with all abilities to further the work of the kingdom. Through his ministry, Jesus cared for many people with varied abilities, and he called upon his followers to live out his example by welcoming and loving all people. In this resource, Dr. Michael Walker from Our Doors Are Open explores ways congregations can welcome people with disabilities into their places of worship.

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A Guidebook for Congregations Looking to Connect with Neighbours

The United & Presbyterian Campus Ministry team that serves three post-secondary institutions in Calgary shares what they’ve learned about creating pathways into Christian faith for non-believers. Using their very successful “Drum, Dine, and Discuss” program as a model, they have identified best practices that can be applied by congregations wanting to connect more fully with people and communities outside of the church.

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Sharing Your Faith: A Congregational Workshop Guide

Imagine what it would look like if each congregation in the PCC was intentional about equipping their members to share their faith and to invite others to experience the fullness of life in Christ. In late October 2017, five congregational leaders from across the country gathered to learn more about evangelism and to begin crafting the first stages of projects to take back to their congregations. This meeting between leaders was the first step in many towards developing a network that will eventually support a culture of evangelism in the context of local congregations across the PCC. This resource brings together key learnings from this training and provides practical exercises in the form of a workshop that can be used as a springboard for your own congregation’s evangelism initiatives.

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Can I Get a Witness?

The Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart shares a reflection about inviting others to come and see the joy that is found in a life of faith.

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