Understanding that healthy congregations are essential to a vibrant and faithful church, these resources help support children and youth ministries, worship, leadership development, Christian education, mission events, stewardship programs and more. Regional staff in each synod also help support aspects of congregational life.

Congregational Development – Nigerian Mission

Experience Mission

The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s mission program has been designed to help congregations and individuals connect with Presbyterian mission partners and agencies in Canada and overseas to experience and experience mission.

In this lifetime experience, the rewards are personal and spiritual rather than monetary. Put your faith into action by joining our mission program. Start your journey here:


Stewardship comes from understanding that all that we are and all that we have is a gift from God. The stewardship program helps congregations and individuals discern how to use the gifts they have been given: time, talent and money, to do God’s mission. Educational resources and interactive events help congregations and individuals learn how they can use their resources to do mission. The stewardship program equips congregations to design stewardship programs tailored to their community.
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Presbytery Visitations to Congregations

Called to Covenant: Strengthening Congregation-Presbytery Relationships
Called to Covenant Resource Book

The following documents have been prepared by Peter Coutts as part of his work as General Presbyter with the Presbytery of Calgary Macleod. They are examples. Please download and change them to suit your context. Questions can be directed to Peter Coutts or Canadian Ministries .

Cover letter to congregation
Congregational visitation checklist
Visitation questionnaires
Process for the visitation team

See also the Equipping for Leadership “Presbytery Visitations to Congregations – Living out a covenantal relationship”

Ecumenical Shared Ministries

An ecumenical shared ministry is the people of The Presbyterian Church in Canada sharing with other denominations in a congregation, program, mission, ministry or building. The Ecumenical Shared Ministries Task Group has prepared the Ecumenical Shared Ministries Handbook.

Image of arrow pointing downEcumenical Shared Ministries Handbook

Financial Services

Financial Services has a staff of six and handles all of the monies of our denomination including the payroll for all national church employees in Canada and overseas.

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Calculator and receipt

Pension and Benefits Board

The Pension and Benefits Board administers the Pension Plan and other Benefit Plans as approved by the General Assembly on behalf of its members and employing bodies. The benefit plans include extended health and dental, group life insurance, long-term disability, pulpit supply insurance, and maternity and parental leave.

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Presbyterian Church Building Corporation

The principal objects of the Corporation include providing guarantees for loans for capital projects and housing for retired servants of the church.

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Church building

For more assistance with congregational development, please contact Canadian Ministries at
1-800-619-7301 ext. 298.