Saint David's New Beginnings participants

“I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:19 Saint David’s Presbyterian Church in Halifax participated in the New Beginnings pilot project. God is doing new things in The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Sometimes,

God is doing new things in The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Sometimes, however, it is difficult for congregations to perceive and respond to the renewal that God is bringing about in their ministries.

New Beginnings, a program of Hope Partnership Services (formerly The Hope Network for Missional Transformation), is available to congregations in The Presbyterian Church looking to discern God’s call for their future and create a plan to move forward.

In 2018, four Presbyterian congregations across Canada participated in New Beginnings. Each emerged from the process with a deeper understanding of their unique identity as a congregation, renewed clarity and a vision for their future ministry.

Based on the positive experience of churches that have already participated in New Beginnings, other congregations in The Presbyterian Church in Canada are encouraged to engage in this program. A grant is available through the New and Renewed Ministry fund to cover up to 90% of the total cost of running the New Beginnings program in PCC churches.

What is New Beginnings?
The New Beginnings program is a yearlong transformational process. Churches will receive an assessment and then be paired with a Guide, who will support them through small group gatherings, questions of discernment, and determining future directions. For more about the process, please visit Hope Partnership Services website .

What type of congregation is this program aimed at?
This program is for the congregation that knows it can’t continue ‘as is’ but doesn’t yet know what to do. It is for the congregation that is open to change, willing to commit time and energy to a process of discernment, and able to take steps forward in a new direction.

Who needs to be on board from our congregation?
This program is successful when there is strong participation and buy in from leadership (minister and session) and over 60% the congregation. Begin discussing this program at session meetings if New Beginnings sounds like it might be a good fit for the congregation you serve.

How can I apply for the New Beginnings process?
Please fill out the online questionnaire below. The questionnaire is designed to help assess your congregation’s readiness for New Beginnings. The completed questionnaire will be reviewed by a small team of people who have years of experience working with congregations in the New Beginnings process.

Based on the review of submitted questionnaires, congregations deemed ready to begin the yearlong process of New Beginnings will be contacted and invited to apply for a grant that covers 90% of the cost of the New Beginnings program.

For questions about the New Beginnings program, please contact the Rev. Paul Kang .
For questions about applying for the New Beginnings grant, please contact Jennifer Astop .
You can also contact Canadian Ministries (1-800-619-7301 ext. 298) to indicate your interest in taking part in the New Beginnings process.

What if we are interested in renewal, but New Beginnings doesn’t seem like it would be a good fit?
There are many different types of renewal resources available for congregations and presbyteries. We’d be happy to help you find something that would be suitable.