A Tool to Nurture Joyful Giving

A Generosity Assessment can help congregations talk about giving in a positive context by looking at their own congregational giving statistics and culture.

Easily customized and flexible enough to meet the needs of any congregation, the assessment can be repeated in subsequent years to analyze how giving has changed in your church in response to new efforts.

Ongoing coaching is available, and the Stewardship Department can recommend additional resources.

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

Proverbs 11:25

Generosity Assessment Resources

Fundraising is more than a means to an end: giving can and should be a joyful and community-building spiritual practice. To better understand the Generosity Assessment process, download and review the flyer, instructions and survey documents below. You can also learn more by watching the webinar.


“What is a Generosity Assessment?”

Through conversations, data analysis and presentation, your congregation’s stewardship story can be told. Knowing that story can help your congregation grow in joyful generosity .

Data Collection: Survey and Giving Stats

As part of the Generosity Assessment, the survey invites your congregation to express their opinions anonymously. The results of the survey are analyzed against anonymous giving data, collected by the church treasurer.

Planning a Generosity Assessment

This document provides an overview of the Generosity Assessment process as outlined in the initial meeting with church leadership and volunteers who will collect giving data, run the survey and review the results of the generosity assessment.

Webinar: Generosity Assessment

Talking about money in the church can be scary — but a scared silence is worse. Understanding the theology of abundance is crucial in avoiding ‘fear of scarcity’ in church culture. Just as gratitude to God inspires prayers of thanksgiving, the grateful Christian also responds with generosity. This webinar explains how a Generosity Assessment allows you to step back, get the big picture, and learn how to help your congregation become more intentional and effective in nurturing generosity.

For more information about organizing a Generosity Assessment for your congregation, send us an email or call 1-800-619-7301.