Talking About...Presbyterians Are Talking About is a series of educational resources designed to help people talk about 21st century issues that challenge us as we try to live faithfully.

“Let the message about Christ completely fill your lives, while you use all your wisdom to teach and instruct each other.” —Colossians 3:16a (CEV)

How can we talk in church about controversial issues that challenge our faithful living?

What does the Bible say?

What has The Presbyterian Church in Canada said?

What have our church partners said?

How can we discuss these matters with friends and colleagues?

What resources are available to inform and guide us?

How can we respect different perspectives?

The series Presbyterian Are Talking About will provide information to support conversations inside and beyond church communities, including:

  • Background material
  • Scripture readings
  • Prayers and hymns
  • Reflection questions and
  • Follow-up ideas and resources

Talking About…

Resources for people who are talking and listening, sharing questions and insights, about real issues from their faith perspective.


Image of arrow pointing downPresbyterians Are Talking About… Sexuality

Human Trafficking

Image of arrow pointing downHuman Trafficking as Modern-Day Slavery

Other Churches’ Documents:

Below are some statements and documents from some partners and sister churches on this subject (listed in no particular order).

Image of arrow pointing downUnited Church of Canada: Trafficking in Humans
Image of arrow pointing downPresbyterian Church (USA): The Work of the Human Trafficking Roundtable
Image of arrow pointing downEvangelical Lutheran Church in Canada: ERIC Resolution on Addressing Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking
Image of arrow pointing downThe Salvation Army International: Positional Statement: Human Trafficking
Image of arrow pointing downChristian Reformed Church in North America: Human Trafficking Overview

Catholic Church in Canada:

Image of arrow pointing downCanadian Conference of Catholic Bishops – Pastoral Letter on Human Trafficking
Image of arrow pointing downCanadian Religious Conference Statement on Human Trafficking
Image of arrow pointing downWorld Council of Churches: Communiqué from International Ecumenical Consultation on Migration and Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery?

Resources for Individuals and Groups

Image of arrow pointing downHow to Use These Resources: Some Suggestions
Image of arrow pointing downCovenanting
Image of arrow pointing downScripture References
Image of arrow pointing downHuman Trafficking in Canada: A Leadership and Learning Kit for Churches (2013)

Prepared by the Human Trafficking in Canada Working Group of the Canadian Council of Churches’ Commission on Justice and Peace.
To order print copies of Human Trafficking in Canada, please email order [at] councilofchurches [dot] ca. Copies are $15 each plus postage.”
Image of arrow pointing downWMS Mission Study on Human Trafficking by Vivian Bertrand
Image of arrow pointing downStudy Guides, Faith Community Resources, Reports, Books, and Documentary