Saying Thank You

Always say thank-you!

Gratitude is contagious. Gratitude is biblical.

Research has shown that people will give 40% more if thanked and acknowledged. Without timely, meaningful and sincere thanks combined with detailed information on the impact of their donations, charitable organizations can lose as much as 60% of annual givings from donors within a one year period and over time, donations may drop by 80% to 90%. Most donors would appreciate a simple phone call thanking them for their donation.*

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Matthew 6:21

Here are a few ideas:

  • Session members could call everyone in January thanking them for their time, talents and treasures. They do not need to know how much was given; they only need to be provided with names and phone numbers. This is a simple way to say thank-you and enjoy a conversation with people in your church.
  • Personal, hand written notes can be sent out with annual tax receipts.
  • Include photos and stories of the impact the donation is having in your thank-you letters so people can see God at work.
  • And remember—never combine a thank you with an additional “ask.” You want your thanks to be sincere and genuine and not seen as a way to ask for more money.

Just as God has been abundant and generous with each one of us—we can empower the generosity that already exists in every human heart.

* Burk, Penelope. “Saying Thank You the Donor Centred Way.” Thanks!: A Guide to Donor-Centred Fundraising. Burlington: ON, 2000. 46.

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“One Person gives freely, yet gains even more…”

Proverbs 11:24a


For assistance creating thank-you letters, we invite you to review the resources listed below.

“Encouraging Generosity in Ministry— Inspire, Ask, Thank”

Practical tips on how your communications can help build a culture of generosity and increase support for your church. How are you inspiring people to give? How are you asking? How are you saying thank you?

Thank-You Letter Examples

Examples of “thank you” letters that you can review for inspiration, structure, and wording. Each sample says “thanks” in a different way, depending on a few variables.

“Thank-You Letters for People Who Didn’t Give”

Stewardship expert, Lori Gunther Reesor, proposes that everybody get a thank-you note – even people who didn’t give. Gratitude generally, and thank-you letters in particular, make a good springboard into generosity.

For more information about Stewardship & Planned Giving, send us an email or call 1-800-619-7301 or 416-441-1111.