Together we support ministry in Canada. Generous gifts made to Presbyterians Sharing make it possible for The Presbyterian Church in Canada to partner with presbyteries (synods, when applicable) and local ministries to support initiatives across the country. Funds support a wide range of initiatives – from encouraging and equipping renewing congregations; to supporting inner city, Indigenous, refugee, urban and remote ministries in Canada; to creating new worshipping communities that proclaim the gospel in exciting ways. Through these ministries, we are able to participate in God’s mission together and proclaim Christ’s love, hope, faith and grace in the world God loves.

Specialized Ministries (Indigenous Ministries)

Kenora Fellowship Centre – Kenora, ON

An outreach ministry that offers practical care, support, food, clothing and love to Indigenous people who have been displaced or ravaged by addiction and mental health issues. To learn more about this ministry, visit .

Winnipeg Inner City Missions – Winnipeg, MB

An outreach ministry that works towards healing and reconciliation by providing temporary housing, employment services and children/youth programs. To learn more about this ministry, visit .

Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry – Saskatoon, SK

An outreach ministry that provides prayer, crisis counselling, nourishment, clothing and a weekly worship circle to people living in poverty in Saskatoon, SK. To learn more about this ministry, visit .

Edmonton Urban Native Ministry – Edmonton, AB

An outreach ministry that seeks to share the love of Christ with individuals facing issues of addition, violence, sexual exploitation, homelessness and poverty by providing clothing and food services, bible study, worship and children’s programs.

Hummingbird Ministries – Richmond, B.C.

An outreach ministry that promotes reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples through art, drama, dance, education and worship. To learn more about this ministry, visit .

Specialized Ministries (Inner City and Social Ministries)

Action Réfugiés Montréal – Montreal, QC

A social ministry that helps refugee claimants held in detention centres gather their identification papers, navigate the refugee claimant process and integrate into Canadian society. To learn more about this organization, visit .

Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre – Montreal, QC

A social ministry that provides education and support to families facing issues associated with poverty and racism in the south quarter of Montreal. To learn more about their outreach, visit .

ARISE – Toronto, ON

A social ministry that helps women and girls caught in the sex trade by providing support and counselling. To lean more about this ministry, visit .

New Congregational Development

Newcomers Mission – Peterborough, ON

An outreach ministry for recently arrived Arabic-speaking refugees through a network of house churches, family and youth programming and a weekly men’s group.

The Well Church – Mississauga, ON

A church plant focused on reaching second-generation immigrants. To learn more about this church plant, visit .

Place of Hope Presbyterian Church – Winnipeg, MB

An Indigenous congregation that offers hope and healing to Indigenous people dealing with multi-generational trauma and abject poverty. To learn more this congregation, visit .

Renewing Ministries

Montreal West – Montreal, QC

A congregation that has shifted from a small homogenous congregation to a vibrant multi-cultural community with a Sunday School of over 60 children. To learn more about this congregation, visit .

Erskine Presbyterian Church – Hamilton, ON

A church replant with a vision to become a community hub that actively seeks to be “a healthy family for each and every neighbour”. To learn more about this congregation, visit .

Hamilton Presbytery Replanting Pastor – Hamilton, ON

A ministry of the Presbytery of Hamilton that works with congregations in need of renewal to identify and step into new models of ministry.

Sustaining Ministries

St. James (North Yarmouth) – Central Elgin, ON

A rural congregation in south-central Ontario with a strong focus on community outreach, senior care and hospitality. To learn more about this congregation, visit .

Family Church of Heritage Green – Stoney Creek, ON

A church replant that has designed its programs and worship services to help young families with children embrace faith in exciting new ways. To learn more about this ministry, visit .

St. Matthew’s Presbyterian Church – Grand Falls, Newfoundland

A rural ministry in Central Newfoundland with a strong social outreach ministry that provides support to families living in poverty, newborn babies and ecumenical partners in the area. To learn more about this ministry, visit or .

Two Rivers Church – Guelph, ON

A network of house churches with a focus on prayer and reaching new disciples. To learn more about this network, visit .

Mistawasis Memorial Presbyterian Church – Mistawasis First Nation, SK

A rural congregation that serves people of Mistawasis First Nation in Northern Saskatchewan.