One of the primary ways the church engages in mission and ministry is through the generous support of Presbyterians Sharing, the national fund of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. In order to help congregations experience firsthand the impact of this support, mission speakers are available to share stories of the power of Christ’s love and grace at work with global and national partners. The following speakers represent staff of International Ministries, national staff of ministries supported by Canadian Ministries, and participants in mission trips and international mission conferences.

Mission Speakers are available to connect with local congregations in following ways:

  • By videoconferencing
  • In person within a reasonable driving distance in their region
  • Speaking tours to other regions for events involving more than one congregation

Guidelines for having a mission speaker visit your congregation

  • To raise awareness of how our church carries out the work of God’s mission in Canada and around the world.
  • To strengthen the bond between Canadian Presbyterians and our church partners.
  • To experience the power of Christ’s love as exemplified in the lives of our church partners, and to learn from their stories.
  • To deepen the understanding of mission so that people will become engaged in mission — locally, in Canada and internationally.
  • To help people understand how their prayers and financial support of Presbyterians Sharing further the mission work of our church.
  • We encourage congregations to provide hospitality for in-person visits.
  • The cost of travel, food and accommodation are covered by the International Ministries and Canadian Ministries departments of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, through gifts to Presbyterians Sharing.
  • Congregations may contribute to the costs of having a speaker visit by making an additional gift to Presbyterians Sharing. A suggested minimum is $150. This helps mission speakers visit more congregations across Canada. Gift can be sent to The Presbyterian Church in Canada and marked to the attention of Lily Ko.
  • Read up on the speakers list to find out who is currently available.
  • Consult with others in the congregation about the projects and partnerships they are interested in hearing more about.
  • Consult with session and with the minister about an appropriate date and time of year to have a guest speaker.
  • Contact Lily Ko in International Ministries by email or phone (1-800-619-7301 ext. 254) to request a particular speaker.
  • When the speaker is confirmed, announce the date and topic in your congregation.
  • Begin to advertise; bulletin inserts, announcements to the congregation, postings on common bulletin boards etc.

For more information on how you can book one of the following speakers, email Lily Ko at lko [at] presbyterian [dot] ca or call 1-800-619-7301 ext. 254.

Mission Speakers

Canadian Ministries

Rebecca Sherbino and Elena Haskell – The Raw Carrot

The Raw Carrot is a social franchise that believes that every person who WANTS to work should have the opportunity for a Hand Up (instead of just a handout) in life! The Raw Carrot partners with churches and nonprofits across Ontario to create meaningful employment for amazingly talented individuals living with disabilities and mental illness.

Elena Haskell – Elena is a valued member of The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise Headquarters and loves growing God’s work in local communities through supportive employment. Her own experiences being homeschooled and living with a brother with an intellectual disability have led to firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to be an outsider and given her a desire to be an advocate for those who are vulnerable. In pursuit of where God is leading her, Elena is completing her third year in Spiritual Formation through the Emmaus Formation Center.

Rebecca Sherbino – With an undergraduate Degree in Global Development, Peace and Justice and a Master’s Degree in International Development, Rebecca has always had a passion for working with people. Her past work in developing countries fueled a desire to pursue justice for people both overseas and at home, which resulted in community advocacy in Paris, ON. Frustrated by the lack of opportunities for work for teens and adults with mental health and learning disabilities in her church congregation, she and good friend (and co-director!) Colleen, were challenged to explore how to promote change within their local context. A late-night coffee date in May 2014 turned into a brainstorming session about the possibility of creating meaningful work for people with disabilities, and over the course of the evening, the idea of launching The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise was born.

Elena Haskell

Elena Haskell

Rebecca Sherbino

Rebecca Sherbino

The Rev. Margaret Mullin – Minister, Place of Hope Indigenous Presbyterian Church

Margaret Mullin is the Executive Director of Winnipeg Inner City Missions, which is supported through Presbyterians Sharing. She has been working in the inner city for eight years and has received a Woman of Distinction award for her work in inner city Winnipeg. Margaret is an ordained minister of The Presbyterian Church in Canada as well as a trained nurse. Ojibway and Irish/Scottish in origin, she follows both Christian and Aboriginal Traditional Spiritual ways.

Rev. Margaret Mullin

The Rev. Margaret Mullin

International Ministries

Malawi – The Rev. Dr. Blair D. Bertrand

Blair Bertrand serves as full-time mission staff, staying connected with the PCC’s partners in Malawi. Based in Ottawa, Ont., Blair works with the Principal of Zomba Theological College (ZTC), assisting with the development of curricula and policies of the College, coaching the Malawian PhD candidate who is a ZTC lecturer, developing the ZTC library and encouraging research and academic exchanges. At Theological Education by Extension in Malawi (TEEM), Blair assists with lay training materials, revisions to the Diploma workbooks and development of lay Bible curricula. As Blair continues to work with these inspiring partners from his home office in Canada, he will be the “living link,” maintaining these important relationships.

The Rev. Dr. Blair D. Bertrand

The Rev. Dr. Blair D. Bertrand

Malawi – The Rev. Joel Sherbino

Joel Sherbino serves as the part-time Malawi Liaison with the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, Blantyre Synod. Based in Paris, Ont., Joel provides year-round support by phone and email to local chaplains and volunteers who are sharing the love of Christ with inmates in Malawian prisons. Through Bible study, worship, personal counselling and occasional distributions of medicines, sleeping mats and Bibles, this prison ministry makes a positive difference for those living in incredibly difficult circumstances. During an annual two-week visit to Malawi, Joel accompanies the team on their daily prison visits. With the blessing of the Presbytery and his congregation, Joel is a living link that fosters the relationship we share in Jesus Christ.

The Rev. Joel Sherbino

The Rev. Joel Sherbino

Taiwan – The Rev. Dr. Paul McLean

Paul McLean has been serving as a Bible Translation Advisor in partnership with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) and the Bible Society in Taiwan since 2012. Paul is currently working with eleven teams, one Hakka and ten indigenous: ‘Amis, Bunun, Paiwan, Pinuyumayan, Sediq-Toda, Tayal, Tsou, plus three small dialects of Ngudradrekai (Maolin, Tona and Wanshan). In August 2020, he began supporting the Tao NT revision project on Lanyu (Orchid Island) off the SE coast of Taiwan. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Paul has maintained contact with all his teams using the internet and screen-sharing software. He looks forward to the day when travel restrictions are lifted and he can resume regularly scheduled in-person visits to Taiwan, usually four month-long visits each year.

The Rev. Dr. Paul McLean

The Rev. Dr. Paul McLean

Short-Term Mission Experiences

Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI)

Supported by Presbyterians Sharing, the Rev. Jeanie Lee, spent three months in late 2022 as a volunteer with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI). Just as in 2009, her placement was again in Bethlehem.

As an Ecumenical Accompanier, Jeanie monitored human rights violations, accompanied vulnerable people and communities, provided a protective presence, and witnessed the daily struggles of Palestinians living under a 75-year-long occupation.

The World Council of Churches created EAPPI as a response to requests by local church leaders in Jerusalem for an international presence in the region. Since 2002, over 1,800 volunteers from 25 countries have served as Ecumenical Accompaniers.

At the 20th Anniversary ceremony of EAPPI, Bishop Dr. Munib Younan, the founder of EAPPI and former president of the Lutheran World Federation, shared that the idea of the program is to “promote justice, peace and reconciliation in Palestine and Israel—and in the whole world. We have only to trust this God of justice. That’s my hope to the world.”

Jeanie looks forward to sharing stories and experiences from Bethlehem.

The Rev. Jeanie Lee

The Rev. Jeanie Lee