1. The renewal and revitalization of congregational life shall have the highest priority in all of the Life and Mission Agency’s planning and resourcing, including leadership training.
  2. The Life and Mission Agency will continue to strive to be of service to all congregations.
  3. The provision of resources for equipping disciples for evangelism and service will be considered a priority. *
  4. The Life and Mission Agency will work with presbyteries and synods to ensure the sharing of resources across the denomination that will directly address the needs of congregations, presbyteries and synods.
  5. Through Presbyterians Sharing and PWS&D, congregations participate in the church’s mission. As such, the Life and Mission Agency will continue to provide meaningful opportunities for service and mission locally, nationally and internationally.
  6. The Life and Mission Agency commits to ensuring that the departmental organization acts as a gospel response of a national church in today’s world. The program of each Life and Mission Agency department will continue to evolve and change as the needs of the church are discerned.

* The Life and Mission Agency understands disciples to be followers of Jesus in words and deeds. The Life and Mission Agency understands evangelism to be the responsibility of “all Christians, churches and congregations” as we are all “called to be vibrant messengers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the good news of salvation” (Together Towards Life, WCC, par. 8). “Evangelism is sharing one’s faith and conviction with other people, inviting them to discipleship whether or not they adhere to other religious traditions. Such sharing is to take place with both confidence and humility, and as an expression of our professed love for our world.” (ibid, par. 83).