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New Biennial Pension Statements for Retired Members

A recent change to the Pension Benefits Act requires all pension administrators to send biennial pension statements to their retired members. You should have received yours this spring from our office. If you have not yet received your Biennial Pension Statement, please contact us immediately so that we can check that we have your most up to date address. The next Biennial Pension Statements will be sent out in 2019.
Your Biennial Pension Statement is full of useful information regarding your PCC pension. As you look it over, pay attention to the information provided:

  • Your address. If there are any corrections that need to be made to your address, please contact our office.
  • Your member information. Carefully review the spelling of your name, all dates, the spelling of your spouse’s name (if applicable) as well as the form of payment selected at retirement. If there are any corrections to be made, please contact our office.
  • Review the monthly pension amount. Please note that what is shown on the statement is your pension amount before taxes, and therefore will not match what is deposited into your bank account. If you have any questions about this amount, please contact our office.

The second page of your statement has important information and updates on the current status of the pension plan, as well as information regarding privacy and the confidentially with which your information is handled.

It is important that you review your Biennial Pension Statement carefully and contact our office regarding any corrections or errors. We are always happy to hear from our members. We would be pleased to help you with any questions.
Contact us by phone or email: pension [at] presbyterian [dot] ca

Update from the 143rd General Assembly

The 143rd General Assembly met in Kingston, ON from June 4-7, 2017. The Rev. Cameron Bigelow, Convener of the Pension and Benefits Board, presented the Pension and Benefits report in the 5th Sederunt on June 6th. This included an amendment to the pension plan regarding the supplement for the province of Quebec, as well as a minute of appreciation for the Senior Administrator of the plan, Judy Haas, who will be retiring in July.
The Rev. Bigelow also provided an update on the ongoing issue of Solvency that the Church has been facing for a number of years. Thanks to the generosity of many congregations who paid their first quarter payments on time, or their full year payments ahead of schedule, as well as other economic factors the Church met the government solvency threshold with a solvency ratio of over 86%, thus deferring the requirement to file annually. This outcome offers the Church greater certainty about our contribution requirements going forward.

The Pension and Benefits Office staff held a Lunch and Learn at General Assembly to hear and answer questions from commissioners. This event was well attended and a great success.

2017-2018 Pension and Benefits Board

Rev. Katharine Michie, Prince George, BC
Ms. Ingrid Chingcuanco, Toronto, ON
Dr. Patricia A. Main, Toronto, ON
The Rev. In Kee Kim, Toronto, ON
Rev. Dr. Lawrence Mawhinney, Lunenburg, NS
Mr. John Bonnell, Halifax, NS
Rev. J. Cameron Bigelow, Orillia, ON (convener)
Ms. Ann R. Hysert, Merrickville, ON
Rev. Corrie Stewart, North River Bridge, NS
Mr. Oliver Ng, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Toronto, ON
Mr. Timothy Herron, Convener, Trustee Board, Thornhill, ON

Pension and Benefits Website for Retirees

There is a new Pension and Benefits webpage specifically for Retired members. You can find it by going to and then clicking on the button that says “For Retired Members”. This page will give you information regarding:

Important Updates. We regularly update the website with news and announcements as they become available. This makes the website a great go-to source of information.
Group Benefits. If you opted into the Health and Dental plan at retirement, you can find information regarding your coverage here. Your plan booklet is available to download as well as medical and dental claim forms.
Newsletter Archives. Looking for something from a past newsletter? We have the two most recent issues of Contact online for you to read. If you are looking for something older, contact us and we will be happy to help you out.
Pension Plan information. Your pension plan booklet is available for download.
Contact information. Need to get a hold of us? Our email and phone information is listed on the website.

Keeping your Pension Records Up-to-Date

It is important to make sure that your pension records are up-to-date and in order. This will make it simple and easy for your loved ones when the time comes for them to access important information. Here is a helpful checklist to review as you organize your pension files.
1. Keep all the information you received from our office at the time of retirement in one place. This should include the options that you chose at the time of retirement and any pertinent dates associated with these decisions.
2. Make sure that your beneficiaries are clearly indicated and match what our office has on record. Your spouse automatically becomes your pension beneficiary, but if you are unmarried ensure that our records match your own.
3. Have our contact information clearly indicated. Your loved ones will need this in the event that there is a significant change in your health.
4. Keeping your records up to date is of vital importance. This includes informing our office of any life changes such as:
• A change of address
• The death of spouse
• A change of beneficiary
If you have any questions, please contact our office and we would be happy to help you

Plan Updates and Other News

Pension Plan Amendments
A change in Pension Legislation in the Province of Quebec effective January 1, 2016, required a change in the Supplement for that province in the Pension Plan Constitution. The amendment is added to the Supplement for Quebec members to apply the legislated “default” benefit reduction based on the plan’s solvency ratio for members who elect a lump sum termination payment from the plan. No reduction applies if the member chooses a deferred pension from the plan instead of a lump sum. Also, no reduction applies if the member is required to take a lump sum payment as a result of the benefit being below the “small pension” threshold. This does not apply to retired members. There will be no changes to your pension as a result of this amendment.

Pension and Benefits Staff Updates
In July 2017 the Senior Administrator of the Pension Plan, Judy Haas, will be retiring. Judy began working at Pension and Benefits in 2000, and served as the Senior Administrator for 15 years. The entire Board wishes her a long and happy retirement.
The Pension and Benefits Office also welcomed Carrie Macmillan this past year in the newly created role of Communications Coordinator. Carrie can be reached at cmacmillan [at] presbyterian [dot] ca and would be happy to answer your questions.

Traveling and your health plan – What you need to know

Planning a trip is an exciting time, but it is important to take care of practical matters as well. This means making sure that you (and your spouse if applicable) have adequate health insurance for your travel plans. If you are a member of the retiree health and dental plan, your travel coverage is as follows:

Traveling Within Canada
If you are traveling within your province of residence, there is no change to your coverage. However, if you are traveling to another province, you are only covered for emergency care. Your plan booklet goes over this in greater detail on pages 15-17.

Traveling Outside Canada
There is no out-of-country coverage included in your PCC retiree health and dental plan, so it is necessary to purchase coverage elsewhere. There are many providers that offer travel coverage.

Remembering Those We Lost in 2016-2017


Mrs. Grace Ernestine Allan
Mrs. Jean Archibald
Mrs. Hilda E.J. Brett
Mrs Su-Tze Chien
Miss. Grace Yan Chuen Wong
The Rev. John R. Cousens
The Rev. James B. Cuthbertson
Mrs. Jean T. Duke
Mrs. Margaret Gentle
The Rev. Dr. L. George Macdonald
The Rev. James M. Grant
Mrs. Margaret E Hall
Miss Clara E. Henderson
The Rev. R. Bruce Herrod

The Rev. Norman W. Hutchinson
Mrs. Irene V. Lees
The Rev. Walter M. Hearn
Mrs. Laura M. MacDonald
The Rev. John W. Mills
The Rev. John Morrison Campbell
The Rev. Dr. Teunis “Tony” Plomp
The Rev. Dr. R. McKillican
Mrs. Evelyn Raison
Mr. Donald A. Taylor
The Rev. Alice M.E. Wilson


Ms. Thelma C. Bampton
Mrs. Mildred Barclay
Mr. John Wayne C. Slote
Mrs. Doris M. Embree
Mr. John Geddes
The Rev. Donald Hanley
Mrs. Cornelia Hillenaar
Mrs. Ellen G. Hood
The Rev. Rodger Hunter
The Rev. Dr. William Klempa
The Rev. Gloria L. Langlois
The Rev. Rinson Lin
Mrs. Laura June MacInnis
Mrs. Julia L. Mills
The Rev. James Brown Milne
The Rev. Frank J. Parsons
The Rev. Dr. Garth B. Wilson

About this Newsletter

This newsletter provides summary information about The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s pension and benefits plans. It is not intended to be complete or comprehensive, or to provide legal or medical advice. If there are any discrepancies between this bulletin and the wording in the legal documents that govern the plans, the legal documents will apply in all cases.

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For more information, contact Pension and Benefits by email or call 1-800-619-7301 ext. 287.