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The Rural and Remote Ministry Grant is separated into two streams. One addresses the need to encourage ministry students to consider rural and remote areas as exciting locations to exercise their ministry upon graduation. The other addresses the need to help congregations in rural and remote locations access consistent congregational leadership.

Student Grants: Under the student stream the Rural and Remote Ministry Grant provides assistance for seminary students to gain ministry experience in a rural and remote congregation during the summer. The hope is that the opportunity to experience life and ministry in a less urban context will inspire ministry students to consider serving rural congregations upon graduation.

Leadership Grants: Under the leadership stream the Rural and Remote Ministry Grant provides assistance to vacant rural and remote congregations to discern their strengths and challenges, reflect on their experiences, and provide regular and consistent leadership. The leadership provided will normally include visiting, Christian education programs, preaching, etc. Placements in this stream will last up to four months.

Conditions of Disbursement

  1. Placements are to be in rural and remote locations at congregations that are currently without a minister. Congregations are expected to pay the student/leader according to the stipend and allowance schedule adopted by the General Assembly each year.

Students Grants: At the end of the summer, students receive an additional $5,000 provided to the congregation by Canadian Ministries for the student to put towards their tuition and other costs for the coming year. The Life and Mission Agency will also cover up to $1,500 a month for the student’s rent and a round-trip economy standard ticket for their travel.

Leadership Grants: Canadian Ministries will provide congregations with $5,000 to use to directly support the program (i.e. stipend, housing, moving expenses).

  1. Deadline Extended! In order for applications for student grants to be considered they must be received by February 28, 2024.
  2. Congregations interested in receiving a leadership grant should contact Jennifer Astop , Grant Program Coordinator, Canadian Ministries.
  3. Congregations applying for the student ministry stream are encouraged to hire students who are not from rural and remote areas and who do not already serve in the congregation.
  4. Criteria for student and leader applicants include:

Student Grants: Normally, the student must be certified and be enrolled and returning to one of the three PCC colleges, or ready to attend college in the coming year. Certified students entering into a prescribed program of study by their presbytery will also be considered.

Leadership Grants: Normally, leadership would include ordained clergy, a diaconal worker, parish nurse, Christian educator, etc.

Distribution of Funds

Student Grants: Congregations will be provided with $5,000 at the end of the summer to give to the student in addition to the regular stipend (see below for more details).

Leadership Grants: Upon application and acceptance, Canadian Ministries will provide $5,000 to use to directly support the program (i.e. stipend, housing, moving expenses, etc.)

Expectations after Receiving a Grant

  • Once approved, congregations will engage in a hiring process to fill the summer placement/leadership position. More information will follow for congregations whose application has been approved.
  • Congregations are to inform Canadian Ministries in writing when a student/leader has been retained and are to pass on the name and profile of the selected student/leader.
  • Congregations are expected to provide support and encouragement during the period of employment.
  • Congregations are expected to pay the student/leader according to the stipend and allowance schedule adopted by the General Assembly each year.
  • Congregation receiving a grant for a summer student are to issue the grant to the student at the end of the internship.
  • A final report including a brief description of the usefulness of the program and any suggestions for the future will be submitted to Canadian Ministries by both the student/leader and congregation within four weeks of the student’s last day of employment.

Continue Contributions to the Fund

Donors who wish to contribute to the Rural and Remote Ministry Grant fund may contact Karen Plater in Stewardship & Planned Giving.

Additional Information

Students, interested leaders or ministries wishing to learn more about this opportunity can contact Jennifer Astop or by phone at 1-800-619-7301 ext. 289.

Rural and Remote Ministry Grant

Student Applications: Seminary students are encouraged to apply directly by first contacting the approved ministry of interest for details and information around the end of the scholastic term.

The approved ministries for the summer of 2024 are:

Melita Presbyterian Church, MB
Contact: The Rev. Dr. Henry L. Hildebrandt

Presbytery of the Northwest
Contact: The Rev. William Ball

Richmond Bay Pastoral Charge, P.E.I.
Interim Moderator: The Rev. Brad Blaikie

Synod of Saskatchewan
Contact: The Rev. Devon Pattemore

St. Andrew’s and St. Giles Pastoral Charge, Cape Breton, NS
Contact: The Rev. Corrie Stewart

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian and St. James Anglican Shared Ministry, Geraldton, ON
Contact: The Rev. Joyce Yanishewski