The purpose of the Bursary Fund for Lay Education of The Presbyterian Church in Canada is to assist non-clergy of the PCC to receive training, instruction and education for Christian service.


The fund is administered by Canadian Ministries of the Life and Mission Agency of the PCC. The right to grant or refuse requests will be at the discretion of Canadian Ministries on the basis of the priorities of the Life and Mission Agency. Decisions for the distribution of the fund will be made at regular intervals by the Life and Mission Agency through Canadian Ministries.

The applicant must provide at least one-third of the total cost. At least one-third of the total cost of the program must be provided by his or her congregation or supporting ministry. Up to one-third of the total cost of the program will be covered by the fund.

Priority will be given to applications from those in mission fields, multiple-point charges, grant-receiving ministries and to applicants that cannot be fully subsidized by his or her congregation.

Conditions of Disbursement

  • Grants will be provided to applicants enrolled in a course/conference that will further equip them for some aspect of Christian service.
  • The applicant will be able to use new skills or knowledge in a specific manner in the congregation/presbytery/synod.
  • The applicant belongs to a committee, organization or support system within the congregation/presbytery/synod.* The applicant will be a full participant in the course/conference and is prepared to make a personal contribution to the proceedings.
  • The course/conference shall be sponsored by an organization or group with a theological and educational stance, in keeping with the PCC.
  • An extract of minutes from a session/presbytery/synod affirming the support of the sponsoring court is required to be eligible for consideration.

Expectations After Receiving a Grant

A summary of the conference will be submitted to Canadian Ministries within four weeks after the course/conference has been completed. This enables your story to be shared with the denomination.

Continued Contributions to the Fund

Donors who wish to contribute to this fund may donate online (designating your gift to “Bursary Fund for Lay Education”) or contact Karen Plater in Stewardship & Planned Giving or Jennifer Astop in Canadian Ministries.