Camera imagePhotos play an important part in telling our church’s story. Through images that reflect the life and work of the church, we can look at the different activities of congregations across the country. We see examples of Christian service in action. We are inspired to put new ideas in place at our local congregations. We encourage one another. These images bring vitality and an expressiveness that cannot be achieved by words alone.

Individual Consent and Release Form

It is sometimes difficult to know if you need a person’s permission to use their image in a photo. Verbal permission is often enough, but when in doubt, it’s best to have someone formally agree. The following photo release form is to be completed for all individuals in your photos, including children.

Image of arrow pointing downIndividual Photo Consent and Release Form

Telling Our Story: Submitting Photos for Use by the PCC

The Communications Office gratefully receives photos of the mission and ministry of the PCC and encourages photographers to continue to submit photos for use in church materials and on the PCC website.

Submitting photos for use by national office means your pictures may appear in print or electronic resources, such as the bulletin covers or on the national church website. The PCC uses photos in printed and electronic publications, on the website and other online photo repositories, as well as on posters, banners and other display items.

To submit photos to the PCC Communications Office, please complete the following online form.

Image of arrow pointing downPhotographer Consent and Release Form

Print Version of Photographer Consent and Release Form

Image of arrow pointing downPhotographer Photo Consent and Release Form

For questions or more information, please email Callie Long in the Communications Office or call 1-800-619-7301 ext. 242.