Summer 2023

Updates from The Board

The Pension and Benefits Board met in person and online on March 10 for the annual spring meeting. The board reviewed the financial position of the pension plan and received up-to-date reports presented by the actuaries, the Chief Financial Officer, the various sub-committees and the Trustee board.

The actuaries presented the pension plan funded status update at December 31, 2022 which reported an estimated wind-up funded ratio of 116.5%, and an estimated going concern ratio of 127.9%. The going concern position has remained stable over the past year and the solvency position of the plan continued to improve primarily due to a decrease in liabilities resulting from an increase in solvency discount rates.

As a result of the improved solvency funded status, we are pleased to report that the 2023 General Assembly adopted the board’s recommendation to provide a cost-of-living increase of 2% to retirees who have been in receipt of pension payments for at least one year, effective January 1, 2024.

To access the board’s full report and recommendations to the 2022 General Assembly, visit the PCBiz website at:

Features Available on My Sun Life

Navigating the My Sun Life’s webpage has never been easier! With modern, helpful features including finding local health-care providers based on specialty, distance, pricing and more.

1. Start by logging in to your My Sun Life account on

2. Click the “Search Now” button on the pop up window shown above

3. You will be directed to your Lumino Provider Search page, where you will have the option to search for a provider by type and location using the drop down menus

4. A list of health-care providers, along with a map of the area searched will appear

5. By clicking on a provider, information on the provider will be available, such as: location, pricing, coverage, ratings, availability, ways to book and more!

Staying Active Throughout the Years

Starting or maintaining a regular exercise routine can be a challenge at any age—and it doesn’t get easier as we age. Try to think about activities that you enjoy and how you can incorporate them into an exercise routine, while keeping your body strong and mind sharp!

  1. Go for a stroll and take photographs of your favourite spots in town!
  2. Play fetch with a dog! If you don’t have a dog, offer to take a neighbours dog for a walk, or volunteer at an animal shelter or rescue group!
  3. Window shop while walking laps at the mall with your friends!
  4. Meet new people at a local yoga class or check out different options at your local recreation centre

Is Your Contact Information Up To Date?

To keep your records updated, we ask that you contact us with any updates or changes to your information. This includes:

  • Changes to your address, phone number or email
  • Life events that include marital status, birth, adoption or death
  • A second contact or Power of Attorney
  • Any changes that may include your beneficiaries

Contact Us

The Presbyterian Church in Canada
50 Wynford Dr
Toronto ON M3C 1J7
Phone: 1-800-619-7301
pension [at] presbyterian [dot] ca

Sun Life Customer Care Centre
Phone: 1-800-361-6212
App: MySunLife

In Memory Of…

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Mrs. Jean Cassidy

The Rev. Bertus de Bruijn

The Rev. Noble Dean

Ms. Lois Duffy

Mrs. Mary E. Fenton

Mrs. Karin R. Finkbeiner

The Rev. Ian C. Glass

The Rev. L. Dale Gray

The Rev. John Herman

The Rev. Keith P. Humphrey

Mrs. Eleanor A. Johnson

The Rev. Robert W. Johnson

Mrs. Dorothy Jones

The Rev. James Beverley Kay

Ms. Kathleen M. Lockwood

Mrs. N. Jane Manning

The Rev. Dr. Alexander M. McCombie

Mrs. Clarabeth McIntosh

The Rev. David G. Morton

The Rev. Samuel M. Priestley

Mrs. M. Louise Raeburn-Gibson

The Rev. Charles A. Scott

Mrs. M. Fern Simpson

Mrs. Hazel S. Smith

The Rev. Kathryn A. Strachan

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The Rev. Nan-Chieh Wang

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The Rev. Dr. Karen Sue Bach

The Rev. John P. Bigham

The Rev. Dr. Everett J. Briard

Ms. Pauline P. Brown

Mrs. Lois Caldwell

Mrs. Rona Cronk

The Rev. Dr. Robert P. Fourney

The Rev. Kalman A. Gondocz

The Rev. Gordon Gilmore Hastings

Mrs. Marion N. Johnston

The Rev. Sung Jae Lee

Mrs. Jean E. Lemoine

The Rev. Mary Elizabeth Marsh

Mrs. Ruth J. McCarten

The Rev. William James McClure

The Rev. Peter D. McKague

The Rev. Ronald D. Mulchey

Mr. Hee Min Park

The Rev. George James Perrie

The Rev. Charles Gordon D. Reid

The Rev. Frederick H. Rennie

The Rev. Linda E. Robinson

Mrs. Christine G. Self

The Rev. C. Rodger Talbot

The Rev. Dr. James A. Thomson

Mrs. Rowena B. Van Seters

Mrs. Joanne M. Walter

Mrs. Edwina C. Wilson

About this newsletter

This newsletter provides summary information about the Presbyterian Church in Canada pension and benefits plans. It is not intended to be complete or comprehensive,or to provide legal or medical advice. If there are any discrepancies between this bulletin and the wording in the legal documents that govern the plans, the legal documents will apply in all cases.