Welcome to the most recent resources and ideas to support congregations in accomplishing God’s purposes in the areas of worship, evangelism and mission, education and leadership.

How to be a Great Church Greeter

Greeters are a vital part of a church’s ministry by ensuring that all who enter receive a warm greeting, the information they need to feel comfortable, and a friendly connection they can rely on before and after the service. As you strive to be the greeter that others remember as having warmly welcomed them into the church, this resource contains some important things to keep in mind.

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How to Support Young Adult Leadership

In May 2018, fourteen young adults, aged 18–28, participated in a consultation to discuss mission and ministry. Although the participants had differing perspectives on many issues, they had one important thing in common: they cared about the PCC and they want to be a part of it. This resouce shares their suggestions on how congregations can support young adults to fully participate in the life of church.

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EQ4 Effective Photography

Tips for Effective Use of Photography

Images play an important part in enabling you to tell your congregations story online. As more images are shared on your website and social channels, it is important that leaders know when, how and why permission is needed for photography and videography at congregational events. This resource contains tips for ensuring you have the consent necessary to use and share images of congregational life at your church.

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EQ4 Newsletter

Tips to Rock Your Church Newsletter

A church newsletter is an effective way to communicate important church news and information with members of your congregation and the wider community. Use these newsletter writing tips to better help people stay connected through updates and announcements and draw people in closer to your church’s mission and ministry.

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Ways to be a Caring Church Community

Pastoral care is one of the most powerful ways we can demonstrate the love of God to one another. It must not be left to the minister and elders alone; God calls all of us to love each other. How well we care for each other will influence how well we care for our neighbours. This resource will help you build or strengthen the culture of caring in your church.

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