PhishingThis is a friendly reminder to be super cautious when receiving requests for confidential information. Please always check with the person who sent the request, especially if it concerns confidential information.

Here is an example: a PCC congregation’s administration office receives an email looking as though it’s from a member of the congregation requesting the church’s directory. As servants at heart, we want to be helpful and forward the information. Then, congregation members start receiving poorly written text messages like this: “Good afternoon NAME. This is Rev. NAME NAME, I urgently need a favor [see the wrong spelling!] from you, kindly text me back as Soon as you receive this message God bless you.”

So, if you’re in any doubt, check with the relevant people whether they sent such a request—not through the email received, but by other means, e.g. using a telephone number you are privy to. We cannot be too cautious.

We have created a page with various resources related to scams and other cybersecurity concerns, as well as other helpful tips and tools. You can learn more here.