Presbyterians Read, A 40-Day Journey, Julian of Norwich

This Lent, The Presbyterian Church in Canada invites you to reflect on the work of the 14th Century Christian mystic Julian of Norwich’s ideas. Using Lisa E. Dunhill’s 40-Day Journey with Julian of Norwich, readers will be guided through different sections such as “Biblical Wisdom,” “Questions to Ponder,” “Psalm Fragments,” “Journal Reflections” exercises, and prayers to encounter Jesus “within a profoundly Trinitarian spirituality and a deep relational openness to all people, indeed, to all the cosmos.” Dunhill describes Julian of Norwich’s work as one that “will draw you deep into the mystery of God’s unending love for you.”

The Rev. Dr. Emily Bisset holds a ThD in homiletics (preaching), specializing in helping people of faith see their lives and the world through the lens of theological reflection. At least weekly, during Lent and a few times in advance of Ash Wednesday, Emily will post thoughts, suggestions for further reading and devotion, encouragement and additional questions to consider. These posts may be the catalyst for participants to share ideas and questions and to enter into discussion with people beyond their reading group with people across the church. The link to the Facebook group where Emily will be posting is:

Presbyterians Read, A 40-Day Journal

As part of its Presbyterians Read series, the PCC offers an accompanying journal you can order (free) or download and print for your reflections. 40-Day Journey with Julian of Norwich is available from major booksellers in print or digital format.

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