In 2023, the General Assembly adopted a Confession addressing how The Presbyterian Church in Canada has silenced, mistreated and slandered the “ethnic contingent” of the church. Following the Assembly’s direction, a Service of Repentance, Healing and Hope was held on Sunday, December 3, 2023, at St. Timothy Presbyterian Church, Etobicoke, Ontario. The service featured leadership from the diversity of our denomination, including the Rev. In Kee Kim of St. Timothy Presbyterian Church, who preached the sermon, and the Rev. Drs. Heather Vais and John Vissers. We pray that this service of repentance will lead to a renewed journey of healing and hope within all parts of our church.

Image of arrow pointing downConfession from Special Committee re Racism
The 2023 General Assembly adopted a Confession acknowledging 1) that racist values which assume the superiority of the dominant culture [white Europeans] have shaped the church, 2) the church’s failure to recognize the spiritual gifts of all persons, and 3) restating the church’s commitment to turn from the sin of racism.
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