The General Assembly Office is pleased to announce the following nominees for Moderator of the 2024 General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

The Reverend Harry Currie
The Reverend Dr. Patricia Dutcher-Walls
The Reverend In Kee Kim
Mr. David Robinson

Information about the nominees will be shared with the church early in the new year.

Presbyteries submit nominations for Moderator of the General Assembly. When an individual is nominated by two or more presbyteries, they are eligible to be placed on the ballot for Moderator.
Members on the constituent roll of the presbyteries are provided a ballot to vote for Moderator. The General Assembly has adopted an electronic voting process to elect the Moderator.

Details about the voting process will be sent to the clerks of presbytery.

We give thanks for those who have been nominated and invite the church to pray for each of the nominees!

Happy Advent.

The Rev. Victor S.J. Kim
Principal Clerk